Thanks for the TV!

Thanks to everyone who sent me cool birthday gifts this year. I have so many cool books to read now!

Just today, an anonymous reader gifted me a TV (!) through my Amazon Wish List. Thank you so much! But I don’t know if my benefactor wanted to be anonymous or not. Amazon didn’t include any information about the donor. Was it an omission on their part? I dunno. So if you’re reading this, whoever you are, thank you! And of course feel free to drop me a line at

I feel like I won a game show.

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One thought on “Thanks for the TV!

  1. Perhaps an admirer wanted you to have a chance to enjoy Fox News, Ted ?… 😉

    (Myself, I don’t have a TV, despite being offered several, but on the other hand, we don’t have Fox News here either….)


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