Julian Assange is an Idiot

First, I have to be clear. I admire Julian Assange. I value WikiLeaks. A lot. He has performed a valuable service to the world.

So why is he acting like a goddamn idiot?

Of all the times to release the hacked Podesta emails, why Friday – the classic media dump day? And why the same Friday when Donald Trump’s gross woman-groping tape is the obsession of the global media?

As the BBC says: “In some alternate universe, the Clinton Wikileaks story would be dominating the news this weekend, as pundits and analysts speculate on whether the revelations could tilt the election to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush or even Ted Cruz.”

It’s almost like he wants them to be washed away in a tsunami of distraction.

Obviously, Donald Trump is in big trouble, and he deserves to be. Of course, there’s nothing new here. Everyone knew that he was a sexist misogynist pig. Everyone knew that he objectified women beyond the norms of a male locker room. This audio has the effect of making all the stuff that he has said, and all the stuff that his accusers have said, feel and seem more real. But it sure ain’t new.

The Hillary Clinton hacks aren’t really new either, but they do shine a brighter light than the media has been generally willing to do on the fact that she is a total suck-up to Wall Street, that she is a free-trade purist who doesn’t care about American jobs, that she’ll always be part of the 1% and never one of us. This is stuff that pretty much everyone who has been paying attention already knew all along, of course. But it really goes to confirm the Bernie Sanders narrative during the primaries, as well as put a spotlight on the fact that Hillary Clinton was never going to be a good Democratic nominee.

If things go the way that they currently look like they’re going to go – Trump steps aside, Pence steps in – we’re really going to see that. My guess is that the Bland from Indiana will defeat Hillary Clinton. What if it goes the other way? What if Trump stays in the race and loses, or leaves and Pence loses?

Then Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States without the American people having any clue about what kind of person she is or what kind of policies she generally espouses. That didn’t need to be the case.

Julian, say it ain’t so!

Or that there’s more.

6 thoughts on “Julian Assange is an Idiot

  1. The lowest voter turnout for a presidential election was 49% in 1996. (since 1834, anyway)

    I predict an even lower turnout for this one. You heard it here first, folks.

  2. Agreed, Ted ; I find it very difficult to understand why Mr Assange would choose to release these Clinton files on a «take-out-the-trash» day, otherwise known as Friday (named för Frigg or Freyja – whatever floats your boat – neither of whom likely ever took out the trash)….

    But I suspect there’s more to be released ; we shall just have to see which part of the Babylonian calendar is blessed next time ’round….


  3. Oh my … somebody got a-hold of video/audio revealing facts about T-rump THAT WE ALREADY KNEW. Is this revelation about his boorishness going to somehow change any person’s mind to now vote against him? Not very likely. One thing’s for sure, just like 99% of the rest of WDC, Ferrit-head uses the words fuck, shit, pussy, cunt, dick, fag, queer, ass-kisser, etc., just like most of the rest of us do but with so much less hypocrisy. And he’s also not above taking the locker-room dare regarding just how far he can sound like a tastelessly misogynistic potty-mouth. On the other hand, Bubba is Hillary’s world-class rapist … a much more malicious version of Bill Cosby. And they are Billary.

    This revelation about the candidate with tiny hands will change no one’s opinion either to or not vote for Trump. On the flip side, more people may actually vote for him simply because he does communicate much more honestly than the more toxic pros of the gov.caste. To keep the greater evil of Billary out of the WH, I’d vote for the cad, and this is because he could never do the damage that Kankles could(has). This is where American politics is today.


  4. Keep in mind that Assange has been in that embassy for about four years now. His psychological condition is deteriorating (the files about this are on the wikileaks site) due to the appalling circumstances he is living in.

    I suspect Trump will, SOMEHOW, get this under control. I do not know how, but somehow, he will do it. Probably by bringing up Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions. Perhaps he’ll suddenly turn into Mr. Issues and demand HRC discuss the Assange claims.

    It will be just enough to slip through.

    In the four weeks that remain, I am almost certain that there’s still one more act to play out on this. There’s still one more incredible thing coming. HRC is a fembot. Trump is a sociologist working on a dissertation. It’s all part of Obama’s plan to stay in office for a third term when he’s appointed King of America by universal acclaim because all the other options are simply not palatable. I don’t know, there’s still something left to come. Maybe HRC slips into a coma or is abducted by a UFO.

    I do not believe for a second that we’re going to have a month of relative calm to recover from the long national nightmare that has been this election cycle.

  5. Ted

    Don’t see Trump leaving, unless someone in the Republican party has something very bad on him. And I can’t see that, they would have used it already. Even if he left, Pence couldn’t win, for all sorts of reasons. Some practical, and some just that he would lose way to many Trump voters. But you’re right about Assange, it’s truly weird.

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