David Duke Runs for the Senate

The news that white nationalist/former KKK member David Duke is running for the Senate from Louisiana brought me down memory lane this morning.

I interviewed Duke for three hours on my talk radio show on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles. At the time, I came away thinking that he was an incredibly dangerous man because he was far more charismatic and more intelligent than his mainstream politician counterparts in the Democratic and Republican parties.

And he was really really smooth. And charming.

In the year of Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton, what on earth makes anyone think that she’s a Democrat?), don’t count out David Duke. He probably won’t win. But you never know.

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9 thoughts on “David Duke Runs for the Senate

  1. This sneaks up on an important issue concerning Trump. I don’t think it has been raised before.

    Let us all be clear on something: Trump won’t be running the PR war. He’ll have people who’ll do it for him. And those people will self-select for the job. They’ll be the same ones who helped sugar-coat Iraq and Afghanistan for Bush and Obama. They’ll sell whatever needs to be sold. And they will be excellent at it. And they will make a bunch of business types a bunch of money. The PR will be run by Washington insiders and it will be something to make Joseph Goebbels proud.

    So extrapolate. Two years down the road, the PR campaign going along gangbusters, the campaign cycle advertising will start to show a “punishment-heavy” aspect. Politicians will run on the law and order ticket. And the liberals? As always, they’ll talk a good game, and as soon as the politicians show up who talk tough, they’ll turn into this generation’s batch of Reagan Democrats.

    The first thing? My guess is that Trump will pivot on the whole police/BLM issue and simply do what any effective (not good, not moral, not bad, not immoral) leader does. An effective leader leads. Somethings, he leads down the wrong path, but he leads. And most people prefer to follow someone who, at least, is actually doing something (a point the Democrats have never understood). Trump will criminalize BLM’s leaders, and it will take less than a month. They will all be rounded up on whatever charges are necessary. A few of them will recant and repent (this is the easiest thing in the world to get done: everyone has someone — a wife, a brother, a cat — that can be used to control them) and the police will take the cue. BLM will go the way of Occupy Wall Street, the cops will keep murdering black people, and Trump’s response will be “Hey, don’t talk against the police. They’re the greatest. In fact, I’m instituting a law that says citizens know have to salute the police whenever they see them.” And the Reagan Democrats will vote for it because, well, at least they’re being told to do SOMETHING.

  2. Except that he hasn’t been in the KKK for over FOUR decades and left precisely because any group can call themselves KKK and he didn’t want to be associated with the nastier groups. It’s like saying, “Ted Rall, former high schooler.”

    And he is a nationalist for all peoples.

  3. Like Trump, Duke has been accepted as a candidate for the Republican nomination. Like Trump, the Republican leadership is opposed to him. Like Trump, the Louisiana voters could nominate him by giving him a plurality in a crowded field. Unlike Trump, if he wins the Republican nomination, he WILL get elected.

    But most expect that President Clinton will have a Senate that will confirm all her nominations for appointments, even though Louisiana will NOT be one of the states switching from Red to Blue.

  4. I dunno – Louisiana might just elect the sumbitch. I know a few good ol’ Southron boys who are very polite, charming, and helpful … providing you are straight, white, and Christian.

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