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Smart Girl

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s quest for the Democratic nomination appears doomed, and I can’t say she didn’t deserve it after voting for the Iran war resolution (an act that proves she didn’t learn anything from her vote to invade Iraq). Still, one can’t help but feel sad about the message this sends to women.

Even a Broken Democracy

Part of why American democracy is so fucked up: Even when people vote the right way, they do it for the wrong reasons. This week’s example: John Edwards is by far the best candidate. But some of his supporters are oh so wrong.

Newsflash: Black Chicagoan Endorses Black Chicagoan!

Oprah’s nefarious influence on the book business–directing millions of new sales to mass-market tripe that needs no help whatsoever while deserving indie-press types get no help–is irritating enough. Now we have to listen to her unoriginal political opinions, too?