Gaseous Vengeance

Laws in the United States and Europe that mandate the increased use of biofuels have contributed to soaring food prices and land shortages in Third World countries like Guatemala. What are the people affected to do? Maybe if we’re going to put their food into our gas tanks, they can put our gas into their stomachs.

True Debate Fun

At the second presidential debate on Long Island, 20-year-old college student Jeremy Epstein asked President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney what either of them could say to his worries that he wouldn’t be able to find gainful employment after graduation. Neither of them had anything to say–but that didn’t stop them.

Here to Help

Just when you think Obama was done bending over backwards to please right-wing Republicans–voting for the Iraq War over and over and over, voting for the Afghan War over and over and over, proposing an Afghan surge, voting to gut FISA–he flip-flops on offshore oil drilling, an issue that had been settled decades ago.

As I ask so often…what next?