We’re Not Barbarian (Americans)!

People in the West wonder where the Islamic State will strike next after the Paris attacks. Some commentators wonder aloud whether ISIS would strike a hospital, ignoring the irony that the U.S. blew up a hospital in Afghanistan recently.

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  • Ted continues to perpetuate the meme that the “terrorists” are Middle-East specific, followers of Islam. MUCH MORE LIKELY, they are on-the-stupid-edge mercenaries who’ve been contracted by other, more “Western” secret services (CIA, Mossad). Then, after they’ve positioned themselves appropriately, these patsys are thrown under the bus by their Bankster-financed, Western spy-master handlers. Ultimately, the corporate spook-class, black-baggers do the atrocity, and the black-clad, towel-headed pseudo-SWATters are saddled with all the infamy.


  • “Bankster-financed, Western spy-master handlers” WOW ! Tell me more! I assume these are the same people behind the JFK/RFK assassinations.

    • DanD probably got this from a first-hand eyewitness named John Perkins who wrote his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, saying he helped to bankrupt Indonesia with the help of some predatory bankers, resulting in the loss of some Indonesian lives (he’s not sure how many).

      Or, in Latin America, since Monroe, Perkins saw for himself how the US managed to ensure that the leaders of all Latin American countries with US economic interests respected to interests. Or else.

      Sometimes, the CIA manages to finance a coup, as they did in Iran, with US involvement shadowy and with Americans only reading about how ‘patriots’ overthrew an evil Communist regime. Sometimes, as in Panama, the US has to send in. Sometimes, it’s a plane crash. Whatever works to ensure all countries have good governments that won’t try to nationalise US property.

      • Mike ~

        Naw, I got it second-hand, my dear Papa was AFCT who taught at the SFTA. Even more impressively, I did read Perkins’ book a couple of decades ago and readily understood the truth of the matter. The lives lost in Indonesia? In the millions.

        One thing’s for certain, while the top of our planet’s bankster food-chain is Caucasian, it’s also exclusively Jewish. The Rothschild global crime syndicate is not a myth.


      • And Dan wonders why people think he’s an antisemite…

      • Yes, Dan. It is. The ADL has long had that policy. CrazyH’s policy is that anyone acknowledging factual differences between any groups of people is a bigot and thus disqualified from his superior moral intellectual discussions.

      • @Dan & Jack: Fail.

        Here’s an example: Some black people are thugs, this is a fact. If every post I made concerning blacks was about black thugs, then I would be cherry picking. I would be misrepresenting reality while stating only facts.

        It would be obvious that I was prejudiced, just like it’s obvious that you two are prejudiced. As stated above, the more you whine about it, the more obvious it becomes. Don’t you think it’s about time to cut your losses?

      • CH,

        If Black people were — by virtue of their own heritage of cultural and religious history — in charge of America’s bankster infrastructure, then I’d frequently be specifying the fact that Blacks of that religious and cultural history were vicious economic criminals.

        Instead, I’m targeting Euro-centric White people who are in charge of the world’s Jewish bankster crime syndicates.

        The fail is all yours CH, and it results from the fraud in your argument.


  • I get the point Ted – but more to the point, Why doesn’t the American public or mainstream media acknowledge this? As far as I can see, this point has been made thousands of times across Internet publications, cable shows and more.What is it about the majority of the public that makes them unable to see this, and why do so many cling to the idea that we are exceptional and that “they hate us for our freedoms”?

    • > Why doesn’t the American public or mainstream media acknowledge this?

      The media doesn’t ‘cuz they’re owned by right wingers who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

      The public doesn’t ‘cuz they listen to the mainstream media.

      The right half sees nothing wrong with killing ‘them’ anyway.

      Those few on the left who do know what’s up find denial much more comfortable than acknowledging that their standard of living comes from the blood of others.

      Those very few who dare speak out get fired from newspapers or see their wives outed as CIA agents. (see first point)

      • I was in 100% agreement with you, CrazyH, until that final bit about CIA agents. A real leftist, or one who became a real leftist would have outed him/herself.

        You cannot be a leftist and remain in the CIA or remain married to a CIA officer or agent.

      • It’s not about right and left. It’s about right and wrong.

        Joe Wilson was hardly a leftie, yet even he knew Bush was lying. (You’d know all this if you actually lived in North America)

  • And Sultan Erdoğan defends «Turkish airspace» – with the support (in public at least) of such luminaries as Barack Husein Obama and Jens Stoltenberg….


  • Jews? Christians? What’s the difference? I prefer the term Judaeo-Christian because to me they’re really part of the same disease of Western civilization. But again, most bankers, titans of industry, and other American elites are Anglo-Saxon and at least nominally Christian.

    • God Damn those western Russian Orthodox Christians! Yahweh Damn those western Russian Jews who helped overthrow the Tsar!

      • You Americans are fucking goofy. It took me a moment to try to decipher your meaning. I’m still not entirely sure, but if you mean to imply that I am giving the Eastern variety of Judaeo-Christians a pass, then I can assure you that I am not. I’m not a big fan of them either.

      • No, I’m contradicting your fucking goofy assertion that Middle Eastern religions are a somehow a western disease.

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