In America, Only a Madman Tries to Make Peace

It took Richard Nixon to go to China and to start the Environmental Protection Agency. Now it seems that it’s going to take another right-wing president, Donald Trump, to come to terms with North Korea over its nuclear missile program. It’s tempting for Democrats to mock everything Donald Trump does, but let’s face it, this is exactly the kind of dealmaking America needs if it works out.

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      • Yeah, there is that.

        Dum Dum is not so much a negotiator as he is a braggart. He convinces his marks that he has a terrific, just terrific business idea and they buy into it.
        Not sure it translates to international politics.

        That said, I’m afraid that Kim Young’un has come around because he’s afraid that DD is just crazy enough to push the button. (for that matter, so am I.)

        Didn’t we already try gunboat diplomacy in Korea? How did that work out? Admittedly, we’ve got a lot more experience now – what with bringing democracy to the Muddle East and all …

  1. Now, Ted – you know the Missus is always right !…

    Those who think that the proposed meeting – which may or may not occur – is something for which the US side has made no preparations at all and that Mr Trump’s response to a devious suggestion by Mr Kim is a mere whim might find it interesting to learn that Sweden, which is the Protecting Power (that’s what it’s called) for the US, Canada, and Australia in the DPRK has been engaged in intensifying diplomatic activity concerning the Korean peninsula with, in particular, the US since last autumn, and that, to take one example, the Vice Foreign Minister of the DPRK Han Song-Ryol was in Stockholm for talks with our Foreign Ministry on 29 and 30 January this year, while peninsular issues were discussed during a visit of our Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström, to South Korea in February….

    But of course, if it’s not reported in the New York Times or the Washington Post – or more importantly, on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News, it doesn’t exist….


  2. “Chronology of U.S.-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy”

    Link: type or cut/past) the following into your address bar:

    • Very useful, falco – thanks for the link ! What I find lacking in all the information about what the DPRK was or was not doing with respect to nuclear weapons and missile development under this period is a corresponding presentation of what the United States was doing. Now that would be interesting !…

      (But of course, the US possess and develops nuclear weapons and missiles, etc by divine right, which is hardly the case for the DPRK….)


      • He Henri,

        I’m pleased to know that you found the link useful.

        I found the link lacking also. I posted it as “second best” when I failed to relocate an article I had read. That one had suggested the US busied itself in undermining the accord it did make with the DPRK essentially form the moment it was signed. Clearly inexplicable BUT, characteristically, divinely exceptional!!!

        What else was the US doing at the time?
        1) Killing about 1 million Iraqis, half of them children, as “liberal” WJ Clinton upheld the “economic sanctions” of pappy Bush. 2) Then, shortly after baby Bush (or, more accurately, Valdemort Cheney) finally killed the DPRK accord outright, the US employed “soft” nuclear war in Iraq by contaminating the country with the detritus of “depleted uranium” weapons, thus insuring genetic nightmares for thousands of years.

      • «What else was the US doing at the time?» Falco, I was thinking more specifically about what the US was doing with its nuclear weapons and missile programmes during this period, but your reminder of other – but hardly unrelated – aspects of that state actor’s policies is welcome….


  3. Also positive signs in Afghanistan, where the government has invited the Taliban to peace talks. Also not much media play. Good operational management and discipline from the Trump administration, believe it or not, in not talking about it or claiming credit, but rather allowing it to play out as an Afghan led initiative.

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