She Has That Privilege

In George Orwell’s novel “1984,” elite officials of the government were allowed to turn off the tele-screen that monitored their every move. Today, in the United States, the national security agency spies on every American. But some Americans are more equal than others: Hillary Clinton has revealed that she chose to delete her personal emails, choosing herself which ones during her tenure as Secretary of State under Obama would be turned over to the National Archives. Without a hint of irony, she defended her right to privacy, even though she voted for NSA spying and repeatedly called Edward Snowden a traitor.

6 thoughts on “She Has That Privilege

  1. Not that I’m defending Hillary – she’s a bitch. But I do find it abso-fucking-lutely hilarious the way the GOPranos are beating this thing to death. Prior to Obummer, Dumbya was the least transparent president in history – yet the GOPranos defended him to the hilt.

    And these are the very twits who keep insisting they have “values.” Nope, they’ve got talking points that the rubes believe. As soon as the rubes vote ’em into office, they go right back to boning the rubes right up their republicans holes.

      • Not to worry, falco ; Ms Clinton, in the event she gets to revisit the Oval Office under happier (?) circumstances, will no doubt bring caliginosity to new heights…. 😉


    • When it comes to partisan squabbling between Democrats and Republicans, it’s hard to know how much of it is real. I mean, they both dance to the same tune; they answer to the same masters. There are real differences of opinion regarding strategy and tactics, but their goals are essentially the same.

      A lot of this nonsense is just political theater; it’s a propaganda and psychological warfare ploy aimed at the American population. The CIA has always been pretty busy behind the scenes acting as an “invisible hand” to, if not control, then at least heavily influence events.

      • I like Ted’s take on it – we have the Party of Evil, and the Party of Slightly Less Evil.

  2. Hell, Ted, I’m sure your personal email messages are far more fun than Hillary’s ; give those poor hard-working chaps at the NSA a break !… 😉


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