On the Ropes

The US claims that it has nearly finished off Al Qaeda. The reverse may also be true.

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  • Can’t be too difficult if your self-avowed enemy spends literally $trillions to recruit FOR you.

  • UNFAIR TED!! Pakistanis aren’t going to attack Americans! We only kill people in self -defence. And we are certainly not Al Qaeda’s B Team, and they aren’t ours, DESPITE what some unelected fanatics in my country wish was happening.

    Al Qaeda idiots are a retarded bunch of Muslim Baader Meinhofs.

    The Taliban on the other hand (Pakistani and Afghan), is serious business.

    Maybe instead of Pakistan you had mentioned the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, or one of the crazy Lashkars we suffer from…..

    You should really get up to speed with Al Qaeda’s real allies, and I don’t want to hear any bullshit about, oh Pakistani intelligence this & that. It’s religious fanatics, doing this shit, ok.

  • Not to worry, Ted ! In the capacity to maim and murder, the US government and its military – or is it the other way ’round ? – remains second to none. That the country’s broke – or to be more explicit, that living conditions for a majority of its inhabitants have declined in recent years and government finances are a joke – is irrelevant to those who determine US policy ; they are still able to extort sufficient funds to maintain their lifestyles and their wars….


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