TSA agents are refusing to accept Washington D.C. drivers licenses as valid forms of ID at the airport because D.C. isn’t a state. Now it’s time for me, as a suffix-impaired American, to call out the TSA for another form of discrimination.

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  1. That’s funny … right up until you realize these guys are our front line defense against another 9/11.

    (And a thankew to Ted – I’d only heard about one incident, but it seems it’s happened at least twice. How come I get more of my news from cartoons than from the papers & internetz?)

      • Too late, you’d already have been deported by then. Can’t have illegal immigrants sneaking across the border and voting and using up all our air.


      • But…
        I speak English perfectly — and without an accent! (Did I sneak across the border from North to South, or vice versa?)

      • Several of the southern states claim the right to ask for ID if the subject doesn’t “Look American”

        Familiar with Joe Arapio? “America’s toughest sheriff” or some such nonsense? I’d love to get my hands on him, and ask to see his passport. If he couldn’t produce it … well, he’s obviously white and therefore an immigrant. Beat ‘im up, dress ‘im in pink panties, and put him on a boat back to Europe.

      • “Arpaio” – jeez, you’d think a guy like that would have an AMERICAN name, now wouldn’t you?

      • *Several of the southern states claim the right to ask for ID if the subject doesn’t “Look American.”*
        Damn! Now I know why these Mexicans where I live persist in saying to me “Good morning!” instead of “Buenos dias” ! I look like a gringo, and not a Mexican.

  2. Now, Ted, you understand why you people in the US don’t have high-speed trains ; those poor TSA chaps would be deprived of all their fun ! That is, until someone managed to drive such a train into a skyscraper, which therewith, contrary to all the laws of physics and engineering, collapsed (as did a neighbouring one, which wasn’t even hit), wherewith new legislation would immediately be passed, allowing the agents to get their rocks off hassling train passengers as well….


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