Attacking the Attackers

First came attack ads. Now Democrats are airing ads attacking the Koch Brothers for funding anti-Democratic attack ads. What next? It’s all so meta, one could easily forget that there are actual elections.

4 thoughts on “Attacking the Attackers

  1. > one could easily forget that there are actual elections.

    And that’s only one of the benefits. 😉

    I thoroughly despise the sleaze, “My opponent is a jerk, so vote for me!” – why? All you’ve given me is a reason not to vote for the other guy, tell me a reason why I should vote for you.

    Several states have laws about honesty in political ads. I think it’s a good idea in theory – in practice it puts the government in charge of deciding who’s telling the truth. That’s a scary thought as well.

  2. As long as corporations are “people” and money is “speech” this trend will continue. Some how or another, the recent decisions of the SCOTUS must be overturned! 🙁

  3. Elections ?!! Why worry about the elections, when we can take pride in the fact that every so-called «election cycle» a new record is broken for the amount of money spent by candidates and their supporters/owners. Panem et circenses, but hold the bread (the kind one can eat, that is)….


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