Attacking the Attackers

First came attack ads. Now Democrats are airing ads attacking the Koch Brothers for funding anti-Democratic attack ads. What next? It’s all so meta, one could easily forget that there are actual elections.

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  • > one could easily forget that there are actual elections.

    And that’s only one of the benefits. 😉

    I thoroughly despise the sleaze, “My opponent is a jerk, so vote for me!” – why? All you’ve given me is a reason not to vote for the other guy, tell me a reason why I should vote for you.

    Several states have laws about honesty in political ads. I think it’s a good idea in theory – in practice it puts the government in charge of deciding who’s telling the truth. That’s a scary thought as well.

  • As long as corporations are “people” and money is “speech” this trend will continue. Some how or another, the recent decisions of the SCOTUS must be overturned! 🙁

  • That’s: “Americans for (Koch Bros’ expanding) Prosperity”

  • Elections ?!! Why worry about the elections, when we can take pride in the fact that every so-called «election cycle» a new record is broken for the amount of money spent by candidates and their supporters/owners. Panem et circenses, but hold the bread (the kind one can eat, that is)….


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