DMZ America Podcast #150: Lawfare v. Hunter Biden, Age v. Joe Biden, EU Elections

Political artists Ted Rall (on the Left) and Scott Stantis (on the Right) aren’t just smart prescient analysts of news and current events. They are also best friends. So they’re not going to yell each other and try to talk over each other. They discuss and debate with courage and respect, making for easy-to-listen-to political discussion.

This week, the Wall Street Journal reports that Democratic and Republican White House insiders are all worried about the mental and physical fitness of the President of the United States. Biden nods off during meetings, doesn’t seem to know how to read the room, doesn’t seem to understand much about what’s going on. What can and should be done about this terrifying situation?

Also, Hunter Biden becomes the latest political figure targeted by a “gotcha lawsuit,” in which a relatively trivial offense is blown up into a major legal problem not because society must be protected from a villain but because it might score a few political points. Scott and Ted compare and contrast this trial over gun charges in Delaware with the conviction of former President Donald Trump in his hush money trial in New York.

Finally, elections in the European Union seem to indicate that the right wing parties are more likely to pick up seats than their rivals. Ted is authorized to vote in French elections and has received a bunch of propaganda from a myriad of political parties running candidates. Why can’t the United States have as much choice as France? Part of the answer lies in our stupid constitution.

Watch the Video Version: here.

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