News of the Day

Susan here.

There was an ice-storm last night, so I have the day off again.

I’d just like to point out that what the corporate-controlled media (and unfortunately some alternative media) are calling “Mubarak supporters” should properly be called “Mubarak’s paid thugs”.

“Paid thugs” is what the Egyptian protesters are calling them, so why don’t we call them that, too?

Susan out.

6 thoughts on “News of the Day

  1. I’d support someone who paid me to be a thug.>>>

    That’s the point–if you have to pay someone to support you, you don’t deserve the support.

  2. My post as an attempt at humor.

    There’s more to irony than drinking PBR out of a wine glass.

  3. I figured as much, Billy Mac. But the media should call them what they are, not “Mubarak supporters”.

  4. I apologize for my snarky response.

    How long until we have political goons in this country? Unemployment is high. The average teabagger appears to have a severe cognitive deficit, making it harder for him than most to find work. Given the TEA party’s predisposition to violent fantasies, they wouldn’t even be difficult to train.

    I would be sadly unsurprised if the 2012 Republican/TEA Party recovery plan included providing jobs in an SA like organization. This of course would not be socialism for a reason that’s still being decided.

  5. Susan, “paid thugs”, “state police agents”, “Egyptian Stasi”, these would all be more accurate. But you don’t really expect that the US government’s lap dog, I mean, the mainstream american media to use terms when they are so careful to assure that Mubarak is not a dictator, but merely “authoritarian”.
    Laughable. Seriously now, when will Hillary resign?
    Billy, you already have political goons in the US. Where Rall lives they call themselves “NYPD”.