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Publisher’s Weekly Issues the 1st Review of my new book “Francis: The People’s Pope”

The trade magazine Publisher’s Weekly has issued the first published review of my new graphic biography “Francis: The People’s Pope.” Publication date is March 13, 2018 and is now available for pre-order from your local bookseller, online or, for a personally autographed copy, from me directly.

Here’s their review:

The latest in Rall’s rapid-fire series of graphic biographies of polarizing figures (including Bernie, Snowden, Trump) takes a more considered approach to its subject and is all the better for it. The book starts and ends with sharp questioning about whether this Argentine Jesuit reformer can turn around a scandal-plagued Catholic Church. In between, Rall provides as much context as biography, with pocket histories of everything from Argentina’s “Dirty War” to Vatican II. These pieces are neatly woven together into the narrative of how Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a onetime conservative whose diplomatic relationship with the military junta was criticized as “murky,” transformed into the humble reformer Pope Francis, cleaning up corrupt ancient institutions like the Vatican Bank and dispensing liberal bon mots such as “Who am I to judge?” that drive church traditionalists mad. Featuring his familiar slapped-together mixture of bug-eyed figures and zinelike photo and text montages, Rall keeps things informal in style, if not content. While snarky about gushing media coverage (summed up as “awesome cool pope changes up church”), this swift-paced and thought-provoking book is ultimately hopeful about whether this pope has “Made the Church Great Again,” providing readers a jumping-off point to keep questioning.

PC Magazine Book Review: “Snowden”

Just received my first copies of my graphic novel-format biography of Edward Snowden. Full color!


AND I just saw the first book review. It’s in PC Magazine:

…darkly funny look at our ongoing surveillance nightmare.

…for every sobering, dystopic example of privacy invasion, there’s an absurd comic punchline like NSA workers gawking at naked couples through hacked web cameras. It’s in moments like that where Rall’s unflattering, political cartoon art style shines.

With its succinct prose and pictures on every page, Rall’s Snowden reads like a children’s book for adults. But it’s also an entertaining, exhaustive, and approachable look at an incredibly important and relevant topic, because information security affects everyone whether you like it or not. Snowden by Ted Rall hits bookshelves on August 25.

East Hampton Star Reviews the Manifesto

There’s a good review of The Anti-American Manifesto in today’s East Hampton Star:

The extreme competence of the writing — with the exception of too many invectives — and the quality work put into the volume by the publisher indicates they both care. This message is all the more forceful in an era when the publishing industry generally does not care about the literary quality of what it publishes, only whether it will be profitable to the corporation that owns the publisher. Mr. Rall, you have influenced my thinking.

The author fears he may be arrested because of his views. If he is, I will help seek his freedom, but not with a gun or a brick, as he appears to recommend. I don’t agree with all he’s said, but he has said much that is true and important.