Why Don’t Democrats Really Care About the Tax Cuts for the Rich?

Democrats have only mounted token opposition to the Republican/Donald Trump tax plan despite the fact that it seems to go against a lot of things the Democrats are in favor of. What’s going on? Just like the Republicans, Democratic politicians rely on campaign donations by rich individuals and large corporations that stand to benefit from major tax cuts.

11 thoughts on “Why Don’t Democrats Really Care About the Tax Cuts for the Rich?

  1. Well, falco, it would seem that we must accept that all that is less than ideal in the United States is the fault of that dastardly Gospodin Putin. All else is «fake news»….


    • As if further confirmation were need, the WaPo has just published a story about Jill Ellen Stein being investigated for her Russian ties. Is there anyone – or at least any political figure – in the USA that those dastardly Russians haven’t «colluded» with during and after the 2016 presidential election campaign ? I mean, why concern oneself with such matters as the consequences of the current administration’s policies, both domestic and foreign, when allegations about contacts with Russians (gasp !) can provide all the drama one needs in one’s life ?…


  2. It’s a win win for Democrats.

    Their favorite charity, Wall Street, gets a big gift and the Republicans get the blame; and for doing nothing the sly Democrats will gain seats in 2018 so they can continue building on their legacy of doing nothing.

    • I hereby propose a successor to the “Know Nothing Party” … the “Do Nothing Party”

      Given the track record of both the Ds & Rs over the last couple of decades, wouldn’t you prefer they did nothing at all?

      Hell, I’d pay ’em to sit down & shut up.

  3. > Why Don’t Democrats Really Care About the Tax Cuts for the Rich?

    Oh, but they do care – they’ve got a big, fat cut coming because they’re rich themselves. Next question?

  4. Surprise, surprise ! Next question : why hasn’t there been a bigger stink in the US Democratic Party about the DNC’s attempts to see to it that Ms Clinton rather than Mr Sanders became that party’s candidate in the presidential elections of 2016 ?… 😉


    • Henri,

      Thanks for the set-up.

      Answer in 4 words: Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin Gate.©

      It obfuscates both party’s election fraud efforts: the Dem’s intramural (to which you have referred) and the GOP’s national, to which, it seems, the Dems aspire to be successful one day.

      AND it gives ample impetus, as if any were needed, to increase the military and domestic spying budgets further beyond the 50+% of the discretionary spending they represent.

      The tax cuts under discussion are irrelevant without government contract-supplied profits. — to arms makers and to the Google-Yahoo-Amazon-Facebook, etc. axis of information-gathering evil.

      • @falco – thanks for the set up.

        The difference is that interference by an unfriendly foreign power is inconsequential and unworthy of notice; whereas interference by the American head of the American Democratic Party doing her job to advance the agenda of the American Democratic Party, is evil, wicked, mean, and nasty.

        Unless, of course, one has some consistency in one’s political and moral beliefs. In that case, both acts are evil, wicked, mean, and nasty.

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