United Airlines Makes The Babyflots Look Good

The violent ejection of a passenger by United Airlines from a flight reminded me of an incident from 1997 in Central Asia. Little did I know that the ridiculous practice of overbooking would eventually come to the United States in even worse form than what I witnessed and mocked at the time.

5 thoughts on “United Airlines Makes The Babyflots Look Good

  1. I’m George Tirebiter, Vote for me!, because I never lie, and I’m always right! People are no damn good! Well, at least the people who don’t agree with me! I will make things so great again, that you won’t know anything! Vote for George Tirebiter because I will solve everything! Human is, as human does!

  2. “Hello? I’d like to book the night flight to San Francisco.”
    “Peerage, Steerage, or Fisticuffs class?”
    “What? Oh, and I have a knee condition so will need extra legroom.”
    “Hahahahhahhha. Oh. Excuse me, good sir, you would not happen to be booking peerage class?”
    “Just checking. Bwaahahahhahhahahah. Legroom. Hahahhahahhahhahh. Legroom!”
    “Moving along. Do you want to add luggage, flight insurance, comfort and/or first aid kits? First glass of wine and first blood are complimentary.”

  3. Might be easier to win against a fellow passenger, but it’s a helluva lot more satisfying to take down a goon. What would have happened if the other passengers had decided to take a hand against ’em? Seventy to three odds aren’t so bad…

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