Trump’s State of the Union Address Reaches Across the Aisle to Skeptical Democrats

Pundits praised President Trump’s first State of the Union Address for making new moves toward bipartisanship, or at least pretending to reach out to Democrats. But the tone of his speech was too belligerent for liberals to be able to take him seriously.

4 thoughts on “Trump’s State of the Union Address Reaches Across the Aisle to Skeptical Democrats

  1. Mr Trump is hardly the only one trying to figure out why the Democrats in the US Congress – almost without exception – are such losers. Perhaps because it can be quite profitable to «lose» in the manner they do, i e, that it’s rather their purported constituents who lose, rather then they themselves ? Or is it to consider too curiously to consider so ?…


    • For Democratic Party insiders being in second place is miles above any third place contenders for political power, and a fine resting place for the gutless slackers that they are.

      And from their privileged perch Democrats can keep democracy issues at bay while acting in the name of the “Left”, as the leftmost of the far right ruling class, in support of the interests of the extreme right overtly fascist Republicans.

  2. No matter how badly the Republicans devastate the greatest number of people, the Democrats can’t find something to run on to take control of the government through elections by winning the votes of these devastated people in every state.

    All Democrats can hope for is that Republicans will do so much harm to so many people that voters will jump from the Republican Party’s fire back into the Democratic Party’s frying pan.

    I know that introducing democracy into this oligarchic system would be a revolutionary act, but is there something so necessary and wonderful about oligarchy that it must be preserved against all threats from democracy?

    Must the Democratic Party’s action plan motto be, in effect, “Better dead than democratic”?

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