Trump’s First Budget Is Based Upon A Lot of Weirdasss Assumptions

Donald Trump has released his first federal budget. It’s full of ridiculously unrealistic assumptions of wild growth, not to mention a complete ignorance of political realities. Aside from that, it’s perfect!

5 thoughts on “Trump’s First Budget Is Based Upon A Lot of Weirdasss Assumptions

  1. «We assume dumpster diving.» Brilliant, Ted ! You’ve got the dialogue – and the «assumptions» behind it – down pat !….


  2. In ’16, St Hillary ignored the Rust Belt. Trump promised to address their problems.

    Reminds me of ’68. Humphrey said Vietnam had to go on forever. We couldn’t allow ourselves to lose, or the Communists would take over the entire world, close all our churches, and we’d have to queue for meat. But neither could we win, or even make a strong thrust: Korea taught us that, if the US pushed too hard against North Vietnam, China would send at least 2 million troops to support the North Vietnamese, just as they did in Korea, and by the ’60s, China had nukes. So Humphrey offered a perpetual nightmare, while Nixon promised a ‘secret plan’ for a quick, unconditional victory, and a slender majority voted for Nixon as offering a promise, while Humphrey had none. Of course, we’re still waiting to learn Nixon’s secret. But in ’74, Nixon won re-election by a huge majority. It’s that re-election that scares me.

    As president, Trump has made it clear he will keep absolutely none of his promises to the Rustbelt voters who put him in office. In fact, he’ll take almost everything away from the little they have. As things get very much worse for the Rustbelt voters under Trump, I wish I could think they’d learn and vote for a reasonable candidate. But the Democrats are almost certain to put up a clone of St Hillary, and those Rustbelt voters might still figure Trump is the better choice, if ’74 is any kind of precedent to go on. (The ray of light in the darkness is that Nixon’s polls were always much higher than Trump’s.)

  3. As more of the poor, disadvantaged and older repugs realize that they have shot themselves in the foot, they will be surprised as their feet begin to burn as their urine starts to ‘trickle down’ their legs into their shoes….Yeah, that’s the ticket! 🙂

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