Today’s Outrage Is Tomorrow’s Memory

This cartoon came about when I was thinking of ideas related to things Trump has done and said. I thought to myself, why bother? Anything I draw about will be forgotten about in a day or two because of whatever Trump will say or do between now and then. Whether the frenetic pace of activity and outrage is Trump’s personality or the result of a clever strategem, it seems to be working for now. Who can keep up with this guy?

3 thoughts on “Today’s Outrage Is Tomorrow’s Memory

  1. Not to worry, Ted – when he or his deep-state handlers start a thermonuclear war which puts paid to us all, nobody is going to top that one….


  2. This cartoon is timeless – in the sense that it is applicable on any day of Komrade Trumpinskiov’s campaign and/or term of office. (awful term of offal?)

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