Tiger Woods’ “DUI”

Golfing legend Tiger Woods was found in his car, obviously impaired. But when he cooperated with police and took two Breathalizer tests, he verified his statement that he was not drunk but had been unwittingly impaired by pain killers he was taking for sports injuries. Yet the media failed to report that, preferring the “destroy your idols” approach to celebrities who appear to have messed up. Is Woods addicted to those medicines? It will be hard to discuss that after the ridiculous way the media chose to cover this story.

6 thoughts on “Tiger Woods’ “DUI”

    • Agreed.

      This cartoon speaks truth to the power of the corporate presstitutes.

      Presstitutes know that being wrong in service to their paymasters is the true value of the press as they know it.

      • «This cartoon speaks truth to the power of the corporate presstitutes.» There is an old saying to the effect that a country gets the government it deserves, which, the cynically inclined, might point out, extends to the (corporate) press as well. A more naive person, like myself, might point out that a country tends to get both the government and the press that the powerful impose upon it….


  1. Tiger made his billion dollars, much of it hawking Chinese slave-made goods, about which few tears are shed.

    Corporate media makes big money in both the creation and destruction of its idols.

    The media’s trick is to not kill their goose (creation) before it lays its last golden egg.

    Professional sports popularity and money wouldn’t be there without media promotion.

    Jack Nicklaus won only $20,000 for one of his Masters wins.

    Byron Nelson won 11 consecutive tournaments, a record that still stands, then decided to quit golf and buy a farm because he couldn’t live on his meager winnings as well and as long as he could on farming.

    Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones never turned professional, but had his fun, made his reputation, quit and went into the real estate business of golf course design.

    The big money is there because of big media, and what big media gives big media can (and will) take away for the right price.

  2. It’s obvious that an important, not to say vital piece of new like the above, Ted, is going to precipitate a rush for publication. One can’t require that news organisation check to ascertain what really happened, especially since that would make for less attention-grabbing headlines….


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