Subcomandante El Schumer

Democrats are always known for their rather spectacular ability to sell out as well as their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But even by those grim standards, Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer’s decision to back off on shutting down the federal government reached a new level. Not only did the Democratic leader agreed to fund president Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, something that seems really strange considering the fact that the president repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for it, but Schumer offered $7 billion more than the president even asked.

2 thoughts on “Subcomandante El Schumer

  1. I envy der Lehrer (who lives in Mexico) – he’ll soon have a wall between him and Trump!

    All seriousness aside, the proposed route is on American soil. It cuts off Americans’ access to the beautiful Rio Grande River, and in some places will put a wall between Americans and 99% of their country.


  2. Subcomandante El Schumér ? What are cartoonists to do, Ted, when reality out satirises satire ?!!…

    No doubt it’s all the fault of that dastardly Gospodin Putin, who hacked the US elections by posting to Facebook !… 😉


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