Post-Kavanaugh Personnel Decisions

Some people on the political right bemoan the fact that someone with Brett Kavanaugh’s qualities could be disqualified for high office due to sexual misconduct in his past. It’s hard to believe society will lose that much if that’s true.

8 thoughts on “Post-Kavanaugh Personnel Decisions

  1. Re: “All the prospective CEO’s … are rapists … “

    Well, who ELSE to prod self-proclaimed “corporate citizens” to rape their employees, their customers, the society, the environment and their own (hypocritically trumpeted) PR of “independence from government”?

    The SCOTUS appears to exist mainly to provide legal cover for process.

  2. > Some people on the political right …

    … thought Clinton should have been impeached for consensual sex with an adult.

    I don’t like Democrats, but I thoroughly despise Republicans. How can anyone take these stoopitt bastids seriously? They claim to be the party of “values” … but what, exactly, are those values? Name just one and I can produce several examples *proving* they don’t actually believe in it at all.

    • All of the “values” of the Great Evil and the Greater Evil are preceded by dollar signs.

      They’re not interested in your proof.

      Follow the money.

  3. Disqualification due to sexual improprieties isn’t the whole thing. You pointed it out yourself in an earlier column: Kavanaugh is flawed on a whole bunch of straightforward (but not scintillating) issues. (I will reserve my comments on the actual hearings and the many problems that were outside of the testimonies given.)

    If I had any money, I’d still bet that Kavanaugh is going to end up on the court. Unless he withdraws his candidacy in order to spend more time with his family.

    • Spending time with one’s family (if, indeed, they’ve been asked) is not a bad idea. One the other hand, sleeping on the public’s dime – currently 255,300 USD per annum, plus perks – like that other justice known for such adventures – is not so bad, either…. 😉


      • Good pay and a job one can’t be fired from, what’s not to like? Plus plenty of time off to goof off and pontificate.

        It’s of the same type but a better version of American Teacher’s job.

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