First I Said Nothing Because The Bad Man Was a Democrat

Many of the refugees streaming across the US border with Mexico are from Central American nations like Honduras, one of many nations whose democratically elected leaders were overthrown by the American Central Intelligence Agency. This is classic blowback. In this case, a Democrat was responsible so many liberals looked the other way.

11 thoughts on “First I Said Nothing Because The Bad Man Was a Democrat

  1. In the New York Times today is a story about, shock, people who can’t afford their government mandated health insurance because they earn “too much” ($48,000) and the premiums (surprise) have gone through the roof. The whole thing is a slick evasion. Obamacare is mentioned, and it’s stressed how those who don’t make $48,000 are safe. But nowhere does anyone say, “Jesus Jumpin’ Christ, what about the people who make $48,000. Healthcare (for one person) is about $600 a month, minimum. That’s a $7,000 bite. Even if you find bare-bones coverage (and, oh yes, that’s what you want in a crisis: barely enough), it’s, what? $5,000 a year? And there’s the deductible of course. Don’t forget that. What were these idiots thinking when they rolled out Obamacare? ‘Gosh. Can we come up with something that will alienate the working middle class a little more?’ ”

    The midterms are only four months away. Sanders will win in Vermont, of course. I hope he announces his presidential bid the next day so I can volunteer to stuff envelopes or man the phonebank or whatever the hell they need.

      • I don’t mind pain if it brings about something for everyone who needs it. I pay taxes, and that goes to the library, the police department, the fire department, etc. I don’t stand outside where I live moaning about how I’ve been paying into the fire department all these years and not even so much as a flaming bag of poop on the front steps.

        Universal healthcare is like the universal right to (at least) a high school education. Let me ask you, American Teacher. If you had a student who wanted to learn and who did pay attention and who did make an effort (but still needed help understanding some things) you’d help that student, right? Even though the other 24 students in the class are all just bovine drains on the world, would you accept that the 25th student was the point of the whole stupid system?

      • Pain will include not only massive tax increases, but longer wait times and loss of control. People who can afford it will continue to buy private insurance to maintain their level of care although Sanders has said he will outlaw private medical insurance.

        America is not an extended family like Norway and Denmark, and I do mind paying higher taxes or premiums for people who don’t take care of themselves, such as those who gorge themselves on saturated animal fat and then need a triple bypass.

        24 out of 25 is not a good return on an investment. It is why a system needs to be shut down.

  2. Democrats are somber when making war, while Republicans are celebratory.

    The US makes so much war that no one even bothers to declare it anymore.

    The assholes in charge ought to at least change the oath of office.

    “I do somberly or in a celebratory manner, swear that I will execute the Office of President of the United States as I see fit, and will not let the Constitution of the United States get in the way of whatever the fuck I think I can otherwise get away with.”

  3. But Ted, what at a first, superficial glance would seem to be a discrepancy in dealing with how two different US presidents carry out similar polices is not, given that in the one case, the actions taken were the results of political considerations internal to the US, while in the other, they were due to manipulations by those dastardly Russians. Surely that vital distinction suffices to explain approval, or at least benign indifference, in the former, and outrage in the latter ?… 😉


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