No Country Has Interefered with Other Countries’ Elections More Than the US. Why Should Anyone Listen to Our Complaints About Russia?

There still isn’t any convincing evidence that Russia “hacked” the US election in 2016. But there were clearly bots that were programmed somewhere in Russia. It might not be perfect behavior, but it’s more than a little galling to hear the US, which has overthrown countless governments using coups and regime change via brute military force, complain about a foreign country interfering and meddling with its sovereign political situation.

3 thoughts on “No Country Has Interefered with Other Countries’ Elections More Than the US. Why Should Anyone Listen to Our Complaints About Russia?

  1. But Ted, don’t you realise that immunity to sarcasm, and impunity to punishment for actions that if others do them are said to merit military measures, is inherent in the DNA of the nation state known formally as the United States of America ? As Aristoteles made clear, one cannot compare entities which are unlike to each other. Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi, and so long as the US military is able to maintain its 800-odd bases round the world and spend well over a million million (10¹²) USD on upgrading its nuclear arsenal, we know who will continue to be great Jove, and who the oxen….


  2. This is why the beltway isn’t going to address this in any real way. Our media isn’t interested in informing us, it’s interested in ratings; clicks; whatever. So historic relevance is boring, uninteresting to most people, whether they are Americans or not. Any country meddling in our internal politics would normally be an affront to any proud flag waver. But they are very much aware, in Washington, how ludicrous the world would see it, if we actually did anything tangible about others meddling in our election process.

  3. During the Bill Clinton’s impeachment over charges of perjury in the Monica Lewinsky affair, Henry Hyde, who served as chief prosecutor at the President’s impeachment trial, protested the “investigation of the investigator” (who was Henry Hyde himself) about his own affair.

    So you see that when bit players are acting in the name of The Exceptional Nation, Americans are immune to the shame of hypocrisy, even when in the role of playing the kettle calling the pot black, even when there is no evidence that the pot is in fact black.

    Attacking Russia would be like Washington D.C. calling for its bombing of the state of Oklahoma for the attack by an Oklahoman (namely Timothy McVeigh) for the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. (Which some wacky congressman did do when he called for a quick bombing of the (Middle Eastern, he assumed) bomber before it became apparent that the attack was not foreign state sponsored, but home grown terrorism.)

    Excuse the nested parens.

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