Brother, Can You Spare a Post Card?

Paul Ryan and the Republicans say the new Republican tax reform plan is great because it will be simpler. But another thing is simple too: many people will get no cut or even have to pay higher taxes.

4 thoughts on “Brother, Can You Spare a Post Card?

  1. Corporations take big profits.

    Corporations fund government agents in Congress to write laws that favor big corporate profits.

    Corporations take bigger profits under laws written by the government agents they have funded.

    The cycle repeats with greater corporate profits per cycle.

    Dupes who believe the Constitution protects them from predatory corporations alternately support Democrats and then Republicans.

    Things get worse for dupes with every cycle referred to above.

    Learned helplessness overtakes dupes, so political involvement decreases.

    The awakened await the miracle of the awakening of the dupes.

    A (What?) miracle occurs and everybody lives happily ever after.

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