We All Love (Our) Free Speech

Controversies over free speech on college campuses and othe place serve to remind us that free speech is in the eye of the beholder, and that people tend to disrespect expression they disagree with. The thing is, however, free speech really is a suicide pact. We’re either all in it together or not at all.

11 thoughts on “We All Love (Our) Free Speech

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    I do admire Ted’s hardline on free speech, this website is a good example. All views are tolerated; and many of the debates have become … uh … okay, “vigorous” is a word.

    However, the lines in this discussion have been blurred – free speech does not grant you a right to a public platform. The other side of that coin is the infamous Citizens Untied decision – is it still free speech when someone with money gets a much, much bigger megaphone?

  2. The neo-liberal Clintonbots on gocomics proved the veracity of this cartoon.

    ‘It’s not censorship if we ban lies and hate speech, and everything every Trumpeter says is a lie and/or hate speech.’

    Plus the hatred of Mr Rall for ‘strongly supporting Trump’*.

    *Defn. ‘strongly supporting Trump’ Not voting for St Hillary.

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