Driving While Black Safety Tips

Are you African-American? Take the bus. But if you still insist on driving, here’s how you should act if you come into contact with a police officer.

3 thoughts on “Driving While Black Safety Tips

  1. There are no “good” police officers … there are only thug pigs, and self-deluded choirboys who fear way too much for their own lives. The pigs are vicious, evil filth who get their rocks off practicing low-rent tyranny. The SDCs are go-along to get-along types, they will turn a blind eye to their evil counterparts crimes mostly because they don’t want their own asses kicked and/or killed.

    If it looks like a cop is going to turn good (by opposing his evil dopplegangers), the pig part of a force will destroy him/her.

    America’s police-state is entirely too polluted with badge-dangling gangbangers.


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