Censorship? We Don’t Do That Here in the USA

The head of a division of a Washington think tank owned by Google was called on the carpet and fired after he praised a European Union sanction of Google under their antitrust rules. This raised concerns about tech company ownership of supposedly independent institutions and tech CEOs’ refusal to permit any deviation from their official party lines.

4 thoughts on “Censorship? We Don’t Do That Here in the USA

  1. Google reveals its Swedish roots, above the entrance to the auditorium at Uppsala University the follwing words of the 18th century jurist Thomas Thorild are displayed : «Tänka fritt är stort men tänka rätt är större» (I leave a translation to my eminent interlocutors on this forum)…. 😉


  2. Google’s definitely an American mainstream business now – from “don’t be evil” to “don’t get caught”

    The EU was *right* fer cryin’ out loud. Funny how we can’t see how to get it together in the land of the free. Expedia’s effectively a monopoly now – they ate all their competitors.

  3. The news media is not political (as in being politically originary) in the US, it merely limits its coverage of news to the perspectives of the two institutional capitalist parties.

    For the most part, if one of the two parties does not recognize a story, it never appears in the capitalist institutional news media; it is “disappeared”.

    And in compliance with institutional capitalism, “renegade” sources are economically “disappeared”.

    I borrowed and read Barry C. Lynn’s 2010 book “Cornered” from a library. I bought it after reading it because I presciently expected its ideas would be economically disappeared.

    I hate when I’m right about bad stuff happening.

    • Just in case it isn’t clear, Barry C. Lynn’ s group on monopolization is the one doer-of-evil Google economically disappeared from the New America Foundation.

      Apparently, Google likes the old America just fine.

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