SYNDICATED COLUMN: Republicans May Impeach Trump

Campaign Ad: Paul Ryan for President 2020. Speaker Ryan speaks into the camera. “Impeaching a president from my own party wasn’t an easy decision,” Ryan says, looking sober as footage of disgraced former president Donald Trump departing the White House for the last time appears. “Sometimes principle” — he pauses for a half-beat — “comes […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Sue the SOBs? It’s Harder Than You Think

Are you one of those Americans who say it’s too easy to file a lawsuit? As I can tell you from personal experience, it’s anything but. The canard that U.S. courts are jammed up by litigious jerks is based on anecdotes spread by corporate propaganda. We do need “tort reform” — but we should make […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Why Won’t Democrats Kick Trump While He’s Down?

Trump is failing bigly. Why aren’t Democrats taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to rebuild their party? Barely four weeks in office and the president has his first scandal. Flynngate has everything a president doesn’t want: a top national security official accused of treasonishness, messy investigations afoot, reinvigorated enemy journalists smelling blood. At first glance, […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Long Before Trump, News Media Wallowed in “Alternative Facts”

Most of the news media is at war with Donald Trump, and rightly so. First, journalists should always be at war with the governments they cover. Nonadversarial journalism isn’t journalism — it’s stenography. Second, Trump Administration officials’ refusal to even pretend to be interested in the truth, immortalized by Kellyanne Conway’s notorious praise of “alternative […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: How I’ll Know It’s Time To Flee Trump’s America

  The Clash asked. Now I am too: Should I stay or should I go? Celebrity liberals always threaten to head for the exits if a presidential election doesn’t go their way. Then they renege. This year is different: some Americans really are leaving. An early indicator of Trump-inspired flight came on Election Night, when […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: The Case for Left Nationalism

Make America Great Again. Trump’s campaign slogan was a direct appeal to nationalism. As a son of the Rust Belt city of Dayton, Ohio, I wasn’t surprised to see that it worked. People in the postindustrial Midwest and in much of the rest of flyover country are tired of being ignored by the urban coastal […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: The Women’s March Failed But Was Hopeful Too

                  On Saturday, January 21st, three times as many people attended a demonstration against Trump as showed up the day before for his inauguration. Solidarity marches across the nation drew hundreds of thousands, perhaps a million, more. The turnout was impressive. It vexed the new president. But what did the Women’s March mean? Despite what […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: The 3 Rules of Resistance to Donald Trump

                To the French, it felt like the end of the world. 1940: defeated in six weeks, surrender, subjugation, overrun by German soldiers whose power of life or death were absolute and absolutely capricious. Fascism triumphant; organized resistance as yet unimaginable. Simone de Beauvoir, who dedicated herself to the study of ethics, struggled to adjust […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Life Under Trump – What Happens Now?

What happens now? I suppose it’s my own fault that everyone’s asking me how America will change after January 20th. Such is the price one pays for being America’s political Cassandra: predicted Donald Trump would win the election, told the Democrats snubbing Bernie was a mistake, said we would invade Iraq two years before we […]

SYNDICATED COLUMN: Why Useless Impotent Democrats Will Not Lift a Finger to Fight Trump

  “There’s no savior out there.” That’s a line from “Lord’s Prayer,” a song written by TV Smith for the Lords of the New Church, a band that trafficked in 1980s melodic punk. Here’s some more: “There ain’t no savior out there Your stairway to heaven leads nowhere Don’t look to me for emancipation You […]