8 thoughts on “SYNDICATED COLUMN: Empty Symbolism – Why the Freedom Act Sucks

  1. I’m tired of laws named Freedom and Patriot.

    Can’t the ruling class come up with some acronym that fits to Butterflies or Rainbows?

    • I find it makes it easier to identify the true intent – that being the opposite of whatever the name says.

      “Clear Skies” … “Healthy Forests” … “Privacy Policy”

      • But, CrazyH, what happens in the event – most unlikely, I agree – that legislation were to be passed that did have as its objective an improvement in, e g, the ecological status of forests. Would it have to be called «Sick Forests», in order for people to understand what it was all about ?…


  2. «Meaningful reform would have taken the NSA out of the spying-on-Americans business entirely. After all, that’s what their charter requires. They’re only supposed to spy on foreign “signals intelligence.” Overseas. Not here.» Ted, while you chaps and ladies are at it about «reforming» NSA, could you add the provision that the agency is not to spy on my signals intelligence ? Nota bene : I do not consider «you deserve it because you’re a foreigner» an adequate reply….


    • Of course you don’t deserve it because you’re a foreigner. You deserve it because you’re a progressive. (“Traitor” … “Subversive” … “Rabble Rouser”… “Heretic”)

      • Thanks, CrazyH ; now I better understand the nature of my sins, which qualify me for surveillance and which are not merely due to geographic accidents, like place of residence, but to certain inherent qualities, such as those you mention above. But I’m curious – another of those inborn disabilities – how did the NSA learn of these negative qualities before it started to check me out ?… 😉


  3. As I’m sure Ted realizes, the law matters not one whit. Congress did not have Constitutional authority to ignore the Constitution when they wrote the “Patriot” act originally. Various government agencies have been illegally spying on Americans since long before that black day anyway.

    And where the FUCK was the “Supreme” Court? Isn’t it in their charter to strike down unconstitutional laws? They’ve had nearly fourteen years and we have yet to hear a peep. If they’ve got time to pretend to review Citizens Untied [sic] then they’ve got time to pretend to review the fugging “Patriot” act.

    Even if congress suddenly grows a pair (as well as a conscience) and prohibits the spying that was already prohibited it still won’t change a damn thing. The powerful *never* give up power willingly.

    ¡Viva la Revolución!

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