Review of “Fairly Well-Known Cartoonist”‘s Anthology

Comixpedia has a detailed interview of ATTITUDE 3:

Ted Rall is a fairly well-known, controversial editorial cartoonist. He’s also been the editor for a series of books called Attitude: The New Subversive Cartoonists. In the third installment, Rall turns his attention to the web and manages to cover a lot of the better opinionated webcomics out there today. In an introductory essay to the book, Rall recounts the shrinking market for the traditional daily newspaper editorial cartoonists as well as the saturation of the “alternative weekly” format. The implication being that he is has rounded up a collection of cartoonists every bit as good as those occupying the limited space of America’s newsprint. And for the most part I think he has…

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About Ted Rall

Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at, editor-in-chief of, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

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