What’s Better? A Right-Wing Congresswoman or a Left-Wing Congressman?

More than 500 women are running for Congress! That’s big news demographically. But will the victorious women really change the system? History suggests no. From awful female leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Indira Ghandi and Hillary Clinton to the historical precedent of groundbreaking black leaders like Charles Rangel and Barack Obama, it’s clear that identitarianism serves the system as a distraction from its essential nature. Policy matters. Symbolism, not so much. What we need are leftist Congressmen and Congresswomen, not just Congresswomen.

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Ted Rall is the political cartoonist at ANewDomain.net, editor-in-chief of SkewedNews.net, a graphic novelist and author of many books of art and prose, and an occasional war correspondent. He is the author of the biography "Trump," to be published in July 2016.

9 thoughts on “What’s Better? A Right-Wing Congresswoman or a Left-Wing Congressman?

  1. Venturing close to non-PC waters here (for the first time, ever!)

    Women tend to be more consensus-seeking, inclusive, and willing to listen than are men. Obviously women should make up the majority of congress.

    PC-ish note: “tend to be” – it’s not black-and-white. A man should not be banned from congress simply because of his gender.

  2. “I wanted to become a leader so I looked for followers and [among them] I found myself,” said Gilda Radner playing a comedic, but sad, role.

    Women started Mother’s Day to protest the deaths of their husbands and sons in war, but failing to achieve that end, they settled for annual bouquets of roses.

    When anyone, women or man, seeks a position in the culture of capitalist patriarchy they are more likely to become acculturated to it than to change it.

    The cultural roots of a patriarchal racist genocidal nation institutionalized in a constitution that replicates that culture generationally, will only be altered by a culture capable of deracinating it.

    Women are greater than 50% of the population and so have greater possibility, as a real majority, to bring change than any other so called “minority”. Women who really want to change the world need to form a women’s party derived from a counter-culture of their own creation.

  3. But Ted, you’re surely not advocating that one consider the politics, rather than the «identity» of persons running for political office ? Are you a Bolshevik in disguise ?!!…


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