Trump is Creating Thousands of Jobs and I Have Held All of Them

The Trump Administration economy is generating a lot of new jobs. That’s great, but what about the quality of those jobs? No one is keeping track of those.

14 thoughts on “Trump is Creating Thousands of Jobs and I Have Held All of Them

  1. Funny thing though. During Obama’s presidency, when the numbers reports were coming out each month about positive job growth, when I asked my self-described liberal friends if those hundreds of thousands of jobs were full-time with benefits or burger flipping, they would become very annoyed with me. They don’t measure that statistic, what’s wrong with you, don’t you understand that you’re being deliberately difficult, etc., I would be scolded. And always by a Hillary supporter, never by a Sanders person. Those Sanderisras got it.

    • There will not be good jobs in this country unless you work for the government or have gone to elite schools with networking.

      Everything will be made part-time except for a tiny cadre at the top. Working 2-3 jobs will be the norm.

    • The world of the Clintons and their supporters (which unfortunately includes some Obama supporters) is one of Resting on Laurels and thinking they are the Status Quo, so they were insulted that you questioned the Temp Job Hell that sprung up after the 2006-7 Great Recession. That it’s doubling down in Trumptime only follows the logic of capitalism if there are no restraints placed on it. Liberals do not get these things because the years of Cold War victory and “End of History” nonsense made them forget the hard truths of the market. This scutwork job market will probably implode under Trump (if Trump is still in office in six months – the Helsinki fiasco is lighting a fire under GOPsters’ butts that is amazing to watch) and if we are lucky the rioting in the streets will go on for months.

  2. Fact check: the increase in employment and economic goodness has continued along the same slope as under Obama. (disclaimer – not that I should need it – I’m no fan of O’bomber, but can see no reason to praise Trump.)

    Trump’s version of Reaganomics will work out as well for him as it did for Reagan & Bush.

  3. Teaching does not have to be a calling. It can be like other jobs, a check. It beats toasting bagels and pouring coffee.

    Right now, the demand is in special ed because of, well, how “special” the children are.

    While not certified in this area, as an outsider, for me, it looks great, better than my deal. Special ed teachers are on the same contract as an English or math teacher, but the classes are teeny tiny and the work below basic. All you’re really doing is helping kids with work in their regular classes and hanging out. How easy is that?

    • I often thought so, too – but then I read this captivating, detailed screed on the internet outlining how horrible children are these days and how spiritually corrupting it is to go through the motions in the absence of any sense of connectedness, achievement, or meaning.

      Worse, there is a certain danger that, eventually, this spiritual emptiness may turn into nastiness towards those who have even less materially. In turn, this may lead a poor soul to look for an outlet at relatively obscure places on the internet where the comment function has not yet been disabled. In the final stages of the tragedy, the sufferer may then end up frantically posting outrage upon outrage in a attempt to look for that sense of belonging that has been lost in the daily grind.

      Alas, the acquired nastiness intervenes and the sought-after human connection gets displaced towards a mere imitation of the father figure, that false god that while constantly seeking adoration remains sadly incapable of actually returning any human feeling.

      Thus, when talking to sociable young adults who think about becoming an educator, I now implore them to beware of the long dark night of the human soul when nurturing relationships give way to students and/or teachers only attending because they feel they must.

      The private oboe classes sound positively soothing, though – where do I sign up?

      • I am flattered that you read me, Andreas, and have taken the time to analyze and comment.

      • Great comment, andreas5.

        This poor pitiful soul is so untouched by positive human emotions that he welcomes even the most derogatory responses as relief from his hellish solitude.

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