You Can’t Take It With You, But Trump Will

Donald Trump and his family and associates are cashing in on the presidency more directly than anyone else in memory. Even Trump’s death will benefit financially from his tenure in the White House!

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Take It With You, But Trump Will

  1. I fear Mr Rall’s numbers are far from accurate. Trump’s tax reform bill will save him MUST more than that.

    Now, there’s no inheritance tax on the first $11 million. They’ve eliminated it for estates worth hundreds of billions, and the way Trump is going, his estate should be worth billions.

    • Well … maybe.

      The fact is that the inheritance tax doesn’t work so well as intended: we still have plutocratic dynasties walking among us.

      Example: Donald Trumpenstein doesn’t own Trump Tower – it’s owned by a shell corporation.

      So, maybe he leases his Graceland-themed condo for a dollar a year. He rides in a limo owned by the corp, driven by an employee thereof. When he shuffles off this mortal coil, Tumpenstein, Jr. will reside in that condo and ride in that limo – but it won’t be taxed as an inheritance.

      Much of the Trump dynasty’s wealth will be tied up in trusts, corporations, shell corporations, dummy corporations, false flag operations and secret accounts in the Cayman Islands. None of those will be subject to the inheritance tax.

      I don’t have any inside info – this is merely informed speculation based on The Games Rich People Play. You can be assured that the only effect the ‘reform’ will have on TrumpCo is that there are five million fewer dollars he has to hide.

  2. “God helps those who take a big helping for themselves.” – Firesign Theater

    Hey, my IRA is doing great. I should be thankful. Let’s just think about this, the market started doing great in *anticipation* of the tax bill. It hadn’t passed, couldn’t possibly have acted retroactively, so how did companies suddenly get more valuable?

    I buy stock at $100, sell it to you at $101, you sell it to someone else at $102, then I buy it again at $103 and we all make a profit! And if you believe THAT, I’d like to talk to you about Amway …

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