The United States of Entropy

Americans are optimistic people. They think things can only get better. In fact, as we are learning now, things can always get worse, no matter how bad they are now.

5 thoughts on “The United States of Entropy

  1. “It’s always darkest just before it gets completely black”

    I’d kinda hoped the train wreck that was the Bush admin would have woken the people up. We did get a Dem prez and congress out of it, but that faded fast and we’re right back to RWNJs controlling all three branches of government.

    It has, at long last, woken up the fourth branch (the press) – perhaps that combined with the outrage of We Duh Sheeple will finally bring about some real change.

    Or perhaps I’ll uncork a beer, sit on the porch, and watch the world burn.

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