Roseanne and the Known Side Effects of Ambien

Comedian Roseanne Barr got into trouble for her racist tweets about former Obama administration official Valerie Jarret. Now she’s blaming, in part, taking Ambien. While it is true that the anti-insomnia medication has been associated with strange behavior in the past, the drugmaker drolly notes that there is no history of Ambien causing racism. But what other counterindications might there be?

50 thoughts on “Roseanne and the Known Side Effects of Ambien

    • @Wiz

      The problem is redundancy.

      I have to keep fending off the same charges Crazy makes.

      Not to show my superiority, but if you will note, I began by commenting on Ted’s cartoon and accepting blame for one’s actions. Crazy counters by attacking me, not counterpunching my comments on the cartoon. He is really quite unsophisticated.

    • American Teacher

      You claim to be the original personality?
      “The following criteria must be met for an individual to be diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder:

      The individual experiences two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with its own enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self). Some cultures describe this as an experience of possession.
      The disruption in identity involves a change in sense of self, sense of agency, and changes in behavior, consciousness, memory, perception, cognition, and motor function.
      Frequent gaps are found in memories of personal history, including people, places, and events, for both the distant and recent past. These recurrent gaps are not consistent with ordinary forgetting.
      These symptoms cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.
      Particular identities may emerge in specific circumstances. Transitions from one identity to another are often triggered by psychosocial stress. In the possession-form cases of dissociative identity disorder, alternate identities are visibly obvious to people around the individual. In non-possession-form cases, most individuals do not overtly display their change in identity for long periods of time. ”

      You could be possessed,

      • One can only be possessed when they choose wrong and leave God’s way.

        That is how the devil gets a toehold.

        That is why atheism is such a grievous sin, choosing one’s guilty pleasures, such as sodomy, over the ways of God.

  1. [[[[[ Awesome teacher said, “I do not hate everybody who is not like me.” ]]]]]

    You support torturing, killing, and denying the civil rights of everybody who is not like you. You deliberately cause harm to CHILDREN who are not like you. You accept a salary to HELP children who are not like you, so in that you are even worse than the Nazi baker – at least he didn’t charge the nice couple for the cake he didn’t bake.

    I don’t claim to be telepathic, so I can’t say what emotion you feel as you are doing these terrible things. Maybe it’s hate; maybe it’s self-righteous self-admiration as you gleefully destroy the lives of everybody who is not like you. Whatever emotion it is, it sure as fuck isn’t “love.” Ultimately, your motivations matter far less than your actions.

    Your actions are deplorable.

    [[[[[ Awesome teacher said, “Blacks and whites have evolved differently.” ]]]]]

    You attach a ludicrous amount of importance to superficial differences in “evolution.”

    “Blacks” and “Whites” are the same color – as are “reds” and “yellows” – we are all melanin colored. Some of us have more, some of us have less, some of us have traces of other pigmentation – so what? The Ainu people of Japan are white even though they’re not European; does that make them as superior as you imagine yourself to be?

    None of us are green, blue, or orange with purple polka dots; we all have the same organs in the same places; we are all the *same* species.

    Your beliefs are unconscionable.

    [[[[[ Awesome teacher said, “I’m tired of defending myself. ” ]]]]]

    I’m surprised that the World’s Winningest Overpaid High School Football Teacher doesn’t understand the difference between offense and defense.

    YOU attack everybody who is not like you. That’s called “offense.” I am on “defense.” As soon as you and yours stop attacking everybody who is not like you, I can stop defending everybody who is not like you.

    It’s just that easy.

    • @Crazy Buddy

      Your hyperbole is astounding. Referring to Jack Phillips as a Nazi is wildly absurd. But then, anyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi. Good way to shut down discussion, but it’s old.

      I support torture as a method of saving lives. If someone kidnapped your child, you would torture them to get the child released. If you would not, then you are not a man, which is what I have suspected anyway.

      I am not around children. I do not know about what you are blathering.

      Either race is a social construct, in which case you can stop immolating yourself for the bad things whites have done because there is no such thing as white or it is not and there are real differences between blacks and whites, such as evidenced in IQ.

      Other species have organs in the same places as humans and you eat them so shut up already, you oaf.

      Please. Get your testosterone level tested so that you can start acting like a man.

      • [one]

        Nice temper tantrum there, coach.

        You’re obviously not ready for high school, have you considered primary school? Not as a teacher, but as a student.

        By the time normal children graduate to middle school, they’ve learned the flip side of the golden rule. To wit, others will do unto you as you do unto them.

        Yet here you are crying your little eyes out because the big, bad, crazy man said bad things about you.

        oh, boo hoo hoo.

      • @Wizard

        See what I mean, Wiz?

        He’s like a woman, going over the same point, again and again and again.

        You bring in new information and move the discussion along, Wiz.

        Crazy H must be OCD.

      • [two]

        “I support torture as a method of saving lives … I am not around children. I do not know about what you are blathering.”

        I am not sure about which it is that you are “not around children” but I can try to fill in the blanks.

        Your homework was to read stories from survivors of conversion “therapy.” You obviously didn’t do it or you would realize that it is torture by any other name.

        It doesn’t save lives. It destroys lives. You are in favor of it. Even if you don’t actually clamp electrodes unto girls’ genitals yourself, you are still guilty of supporting that barbaric practice.

      • [three]

        > … you are not a man, which is what I have suspected anyway … Please. Get your testosterone level tested so that you can start acting like a man.

        Perhaps this is a matter of semantics.

        You are afraid of gays, blacks, Jews, women, Mexicans, Muslims, and trans people. You cry yourself to sleep every night worrying that the big, bad, government coming to take your penis away. You are afraid to come out from under your bed in the morning unless you are carrying a deadly weapon.

        I am not afraid of those things.

        I can even walk down the street completely *unarmed.*

        Obviously we have different ideas of what it means to be a man. You think that a whimpering, whining, wimpy wus pissing himself over imaginary threats is a man.

        I don’t, but we can agree to disagree.

      • Crazy Bud,

        Do you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over?

        Ted’s cartoon was about blame culture. Today, we can’t trip over a paving stone without blaming someone else and suing. People need to think of the broader picture of social responsibility. Until we decide enough, every pill is an excuse.

      • > Do you ever get tired of saying the same thing over and over?

        I get tired of HEARING the same thing over & over. When you outgrow your overarching hatred, I’ll finally be able to stop correcting you.

        > People need to think of the broader picture of social responsibility.

        Right, that’s where we came in. You shirk your social responsibility, and that’s a bad thing. You complain about other people’s shirking, completely oblivious to the beam in thine own eye – and that’s a funny thing.

        … but I will note once again that you only worry about topicality when you’re losing. That’s a funny thing, too.

  2. Unlike Roseanne this teacher acted with full awareness of her actions
    Resistance Win: When One Of Her Students Wore A MAGA Hat To Class, This Incredible Teacher Stopped Having Sex With Him After School

    Fair warning to all you Drumpf lovers out there: You might want to keep scrolling past this story, because a Resistance smackdown this epic may be too much for you to handle: A student in this Toledo, OH high school wore a MAGA hat to class, and his incredible teacher’s amazing response was to completely stop having sex with him every day after school.

    Absolutely perfect. Now THIS is how you secure a W for the right side of history!

    As soon as ninth-grader Eric Rollins walked into her morning social studies class sporting his MAGA hat, his teacher, 34-year-old Amanda Higgins, stepped up by immediately pulling him out into the hallway and telling him point-blank that she would no longer be meeting him in secret to have sex in the football field snack stand during study halls. Yep, this teacher is the kind of heroic lover of freedom who simply refuses to have an affair with any student of hers who supports Trump’s despicable administration.

    How’s that burn feel, Drumpf lovers??

    So. Epic. It’s not always easy to take a stand in a world where bigotry of all kinds has become the norm since Treasonous Trump took the reins, so it’s absolutely thrilling when someone like Amanda Higgins claps back by telling her Trump-supporting student that she’ll no longer be having sex with him in her car after he’s done with wrestling practice. That 15-year-old MAGA shithead just found out the hard way that actions have consequences.

    Ms. Higgins, we salute you! The Resistance believes that you deserve to be having sex with a student who believes in freedom and equality for all—not a hateful and bigoted Trump supporter like Eric. Let this be a warning shot to all you Dump lovers out there: If you support this corrupt administration, your days are as numbered as the president’s, because there are plenty more badass takedowns like this on the horizon!

    • Although generally unsympathetic to any type of criminal behavior, I do think that teachers who have sex with their students have genuine psychiatric problems.

      I regard it as a form of bestiality, having sex with some sort of lower animal. It is absolutely disgusting. I have never felt any desire whatsoever for any of my students.

      And I cannot understand why anyone would sacrifice a paycheck for a stupid teenager.

      Perhaps Henri can weigh in on this matter. He is fond of making diagnoses.

      • “I do think that teachers who have sex with their students have genuine psychiatric problems.”

        Or they are just horny.
        I actually had a teacher who married one of his students. They did wait until she was of legal age. But the marriage was happy and strong.
        Society sells us unrequited love and true love knows no bounds on one hand. Then they also sell us abundant sex is good and songs like Hot for teacher make their mark on the charts.
        I’ve known sixteen year olds who were more emotionally advanced than thirty year olds. Or fifty year olds.
        Some national ages of consent
        France 15
        Germany 14
        Liechtenstein 14
        Austria 14
        Comoros 13
        Japan 13
        Nigeria 11
        Philippines 12
        Portugal 14
        Sweden 15
        China 14
        More than 200,000 children married in US over the last 15 years
        Girls as young as 10 were among the minors who wedded under legal loopholes

      • While I’m at it Beautiful Girls and Leon the professional also had components of unrequited pedophilia.
        Perdito Durango or Dance with the Devil had a scene in one version where the Mexican drug kingpin in a nightgown slapped a little girl and stated he told her not to bite. He then gave her a lollipop.
        Saw that scene once late night movie channel and never found it again.
        We also know that wrestling coaches, like Hastert, have issues with pedophilia. I think it is the asshole grab move.”The Butt Drag” “Checking the Oil” can be Googled.
        NFL players slapping each others on the ass is troubling. Plus they dress like Gay Pride participants.
        Ever see Hockey players touch each others ass?

  3. One of the many side effects listed for zolpidem and other benzodiazepines is «fits of rage», which may be applicable here. General stupidity and IQs of 50, as exhibited by one poster here who claims to be a «wizard» however, should probably be classified as a pre-existing condition…. 😉


    • Pond scumm feet
      How kind of the FrancoSvensk mental health society to chime in.
      Now use those Freud like powers to integrate CrazyH and American teacher into a single Elliot Alderson-like personality.
      I so adore how you arrive when I call. Like my own personal Jeannie in a bottle.
      Except much uglier, and with Lutefisk ass breath, than Barbara Eden..
      I still can not return your affections. But one of those butt-ugly Bulgarian sex workers can give you the “partner” ( You may be asexual as most Europeans who wish Granny Macron would spank them then breath cigarette breath in their faces) experience.

      • Watching people scrap with AT is fun. Henri…just isn’t the same. European leftists are so fond of flagellating themselves over all the micro-agressions and other un-pc things they’ve done (or may have done, or may possibly do one day, or what they thought of doing for at the last 5 generations of all Europeans everywhere) that it just seems like overkill.

      • @Balzac

        I do not post to provide entertainment. I am a serious intellectual.

        As for Henri and Crazy Horse, in their humility before every backwater group in the world, they are beneath embarrassment.

      • @Fleming:

        > You provide entertainment whether you intend to or not. 😉

        Indeed. “serious intellectual” is especially amusing. (Although I don’t doubt that he’s serious.)

        At least I’m amusing on purpose. 😀 🙂 😀

      • Crazy Buddy,

        You are not amusing. You are aggy.

        My mind is like an oyster’s, dropping pearls of wisdom. Pearls of wisdom.

  4. first the joke was funny.
    Second Roseanne should have never used the Ambien excuse. It’s like the Sex alien wizard from South Park.
    Third pretty hypocritical when Bill Maher is totally racist.
    And the majority of asshole media gets away with far worse on a regular basis.
    Don’t watch the show, don’t watch any of the asshole commentator late night idiots.
    I myself found this Obama’s Banana pic hilarious—banana_o_1061945.jpg
    Then again I recall the Chevy Chase Richard prior job interview skit from when SNL was original and funny.
    And when MASH had the Black Quarterback character ” Spearchucker” Jones, who was also in the book and movie.
    I’m also 3% West African according to DNA test, so does that give me the right not to be outraged?

    “The scandal all started when Barr posted the following tweet: “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”
    Barr was referring to Jarrett, who is black and was born in Iran. The tweet has since been deleted.”

    Bill Maher has been a public racist for a long time. Here are the receipts.

    He’s deeply Islamophobic. He once asked a Pakistani-British member of a popular boy band where he was during the Boston Bombing. He routinely denigrates the Quran, Muslims, and Islam—occasionally under the guise of a joke, but often in outright statements of naked bigotry.

    He’s also sexist: He calls women “bitches” and once cheered on a professional football player for allegedly choking his girlfriend, saying “the surprise is that someone hasn’t choked this bitch sooner.” He uses sexist language to attack his political targets, including President Trump. In one video, for example, Maher said, “If Trump was a man, he’d stop whining like a little bitch. #LadyTrump.”

    He fervently defended Bill O’Reilly’s racist and sexist joke about Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair, saying the outcry over it was an example of the kind of sensitivity that lost Democrats the presidential election.

    He joked that drinking on St. Patrick’s Day played into stereotypes then quipped, “What if during Black History Month, we all bought lobster with food stamps? What if for Cinco de Mayo we all went swimming in blue jeans?”

  5. Blame- shifting is toxic, creating a lack of accountability in the culture at large.

    A team won’t have a winning season if everyone is pointing fingers. I call my players out and squash the blame game.

    • Please. There is always one asshole who got drunk the night before, cut his nails before the game, his girl broke up with him and he lags.
      Or even reasonable excuses like the dog died, grandma died, mom died.
      Usually, it is a single player screwing up and not the whole team.
      Does an entire team shave points?

      Nice of the split personalities to join us and be the first posting.

      • You win as a team, you lose as a team.

        You are only as strong as your weakest link.

      • All right, you nut.

        You cannot fight a pernicious system that every day drives my car to the dumpster. The public schools, in case you did not get it, are anti-education, pro-nonsense.

        I would shut them down. I am pro-education.

        My columns are my way of fighting the system. I am getting the word out there, a noble hero, sending messages from a reeducation camp.

      • Really? There’s some sort of “system” that parks your car for you? Various car manufacturers have been working on that very problem – maybe you can sell your solution and retire. Until then, I’m going to assume that you are responsible for your own actions. Not the schools, not the students, not the parents: YOU.

        You decry the lack of accountability in others while out of one end of your alimentary canal you *brag* about your own. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure the students and my humble self can “appreciate” your “true worth.”

      • Everyone is limited by their circumstances and must make choices to survive. Jews did it in concentration camps if you believe the whole 6 million gas chamber thing. Then there were gulags. Now schools. I am a $100,000 victim.

        (This will get you going, pal.)

      • Actually, I’m more interested in the whole holocaust denial thing. Next you’ll be posting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

        Poor little victim. Boo hoo hoo. Perhaps someday others will do unto you as you do unto them. Won’t that be fun?

      • Hey, Crazy

        Let me recommend The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Excellent read.

        If others did unto me as I do to them, I would be treated well for a change.

    • “I park my car in back of the school behind a dumpster. Being able to sneak in late and sneak out early is worth the awful smell. I shirk every responsibility that I possibly can.”
      – American Teacher, May 9, 2018

      “Anonymity is of the utmost importance to the American Teacher.”
      – American Teacher, June 8, 2018 at 2:42 AM

      “… creating a lack of accountability in the culture at large.”
      American Teacher, June 8, 2018 at 6:33 AM

      Priceless, just priceless.

      • @Crazy Horse

        You are a cynic snarking.

        If only you and the kids were able to appreciate my true worth.

      • > If only you and the kids were able to appreciate my true worth.

        Oh, come on that one’s just too easy. The least you could do is make me work for it.

      • I DO none of the things that you list. Some of them I do not even think about. Note that refused service is really about freedom of association and property rights. The sixties changed the complexion, if you’ll forgive the pun, of civil rights.

        Thanks, but no thanks for the website. Interesting that your sexual tastes always lean towards the perverted.

      • > I DO none of the things that you list.

        Knock-knock, McFly? Anybody home? Might I remind you that you are on record on this very site?

        You ostracize, refuse service to, and tell vile lies about gays. You hate any and everybody who is not exactly like you. You believe that blacks are from a different branch of evolution than whites. You have gleefully endorsed torture and murder.

        You’ve talked about rhetorical skills on a number of occasions, so I’m sure you can appreciate this syllogism:

        AT does unto others as he would have others do unto him.
        AT does unto others with extreme disrespect.
        Ergo: AT would have others do unto him with extreme disrespect.


      • CH
        ” refuse service to,”
        AT s Heterosexual , I assume male. refuses to service Gays and you are upset with that?
        Do you service Gays?
        Is it on a George Michael’s bathroom kind of service or more a rent boy thing?
        You didn’t go full on Spacey, did you?

        Personally I enjoy the split personality characters you two have created. Kudos for remaining Daniel Day Lewis like in character.
        C’mon who doesn’t enjoy the whiny little bitch SJW vs the strangely non-Conservative whiny little bitch.
        You two have failed to master the stereotypes though.
        Need more work on the scripting.
        AT hasn’t mentioned Arkancide once, and CH isn’t wailing uncontrollably about the Polar Bears.
        You might try reading the Lazlo Letters or or Neil Forsyth’s Bob Servant books for new ideas.

      • Hey, Crazy Buddy,

        As I have told you, my doctor is homo. I wish that he did not do homo things and only thought homo thoughts, but I cannot control that yet.

        I do not hate everybody who is not like me. I just want to be with those who are like me. There is a difference and I am no different from blacks who sit with blacks in a cafeteria.

        Blacks and whites have evolved differently. Are you stupid or blind?

        I support torture to extract information. Read the Levin article to which I referred.

        I’m tired of defending myself. I’m tired of you making everyone of Ted’s cartoons, his columns, my essays, into an attack on me.

        This comment section was for a cartoon about a celebrity not accepting responsibility for her tweets. AT is just a cog in a relentless machine.

      • God, now they are trying to claim Tchaikovsky was gay.

        Affection between men is not always homo. It’s called camaraderie.

        A hundred years from, my ghost will haunt anyone who tries to make that claim about me.

  6. in vino veritas

    Usta be you’d only embarrass yourself in front of your family on Thanksgiving. Now you can embarrass yourself in front of the whole world 24/7. Ain’t technology wonderful?

    • The Queen once called the Irish something worse than animals after a bombing. Bill Murray went on SNL and gave a nice little speech about the Queen being faced at the time.

    • Afrocentrist: I’m a black man. There’s no justice for me here in America. I should be at the front of the line.
      Gay Activist: Yeah, well, I’m gay and subject to ridicule and discrimination wherever I go.
      Womynist: Women are oppressed throughout the world. Give it a rest.

      • from rescue Me

        Don Kleinman: Ok, we have a hand up. You think you’re prejudice.

        Tommy Gavin: Yup.

        Don Kleinman: Against who?

        Tommy Gavin: Well let’s see, uh, Chevy Neons that cost 12 Grand to buy but have $8,000 paint jobs and 9 spics inside them smokin’ weed, that’s one thing.

        Don Kleinman: Ok, now listen, the term “spic”…

        Franco Rivera: It’s Ok, I’m a spic.

        Tommy Gavin: Crazy chink broads who don’t know how to drive in the first place and now they have cell phones stuck to their ears while they’re doing 65 MPH down 6th avenue, huh? Right? And the crazy chinks on bikes with 10 pounds of chinese food strapped to the handlebars…

        Don Kleinman: Ok, see, now the word “chink” is what I like to call a problem word.

        Sean Garrity: …raises his hand… Yeah, uh, if I were a chink I’d rather be called a chink then a gook.

        Don Kleinman: Ok, now hold on. Listen to me please. Chinese people would not like to be called gook or chink or pan face or zipper-head or…

        Franco Rivera: See? That’s another thing-Puerto Ricans, we even get shafted when it comes to racism. Chinks get like what, 4 ethnic slurs? We get one-spic, that’s it. The Irish, they got: Mick, Paddy, Donkey. The Italians, they got: Guinea, WOP, Deigo…

        Sean Garrity: …raises his hand… Yeah, uh, Sphagetti Bender…

        Franco Rivera: Ehhh, Sphagetti Bender went out of style during Sinatra’s first marriage.

        Mike Silletti: …raises his hand… Greaseball?

        Franco Rivera: Yeah, greaseball. There ya have it. That’s four.

        Tommy Gavin: That’s right, you know, same thing with the Jews, right? Heeb, Kike, Jew-Boy, Benny…

        Franco Rivera: Shiloch

        Tommy Gavin: That’s five.

        Franco Rivera: Yeah, black people, forget about it. Spear-Chucker, Jungle Bunny, Raisin Head, Porch Monkey, Spook

        Tommy Gavin: Shyne

        Sean Garrity: Tar-Baby

        Franco Rivera: It’s endless, totally unfair.

        Tommy Gavin: Yeah

        Don Kleinman: …all turn and look to the front at Don who is looking in complete disbelief…

        Franco Rivera: What?
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