Outsourcing the Outsourcers

Apple outsourcing company Foxconn has announced plans to open a plant in Wisconsin. How far does this go? Will Foxconn’s Wisconsin operation re-outsource back to Asia? Globalization is confusing for workers.

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  1. American labor law and worker protections are so weak and ineffective that the world’s worst companies might as well open here, enslave Americans, and save transportation costs.

    On the bright side: The companies that will be installing the suicide nets around the plant, pay a little more per hour!

  2. Lovin’ it

    If Bigbiz, Inc, really wants to improve the bottom line they should outsource the CEO’s job. Rather than pay an eight-figure salary and nine-figure bonus, there is someone in India willing to do it for a dollar a day.

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      • On behalf of mhenriday (should we both be so fortunate):
        «Will Foxconn’s Wisconsin operation re-outsource back to Asia? » Perhaps Ted, the real question to ask is rather why Foxconn CEO Guo Taiming aka «Terry Gou» (nice portrait by the way, save that he wears a suit and tie, never a Zhongshan jacket), chose Wisconsin, of all places, to locate a US factory (the reason for building a factory in the US in the first place is obvious – with the «transactional» Trump administration in power, such a quid might elicit a quo evading the sanctions or tariffs that Mr Trump has promised – ignoring his own outsourcing – on products manufactured outside the United States) ? I suggest that the a major part of the answer can be found in Scott Kevin Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans hitherto successful war on organised labour in the state….

        One of the main reasons why US workers managed to attain decent wages and working conditions under a brief historical period dating several decades after WW II was the power of their industrial unions ; now that the counter-attack which began in large scale under sainted Ronald Wilson Reagan and has nearly destroyed organised labour in the US, plus the globalisation of manufacturing and assembly, has reached its fruition, the wage differential between manufacturing in China (where, nota bene, wages in manufacturing are significantly higher than they are in, e g, Mexico – or, for that matter, Bulgaria) and in the US has declined drastically. Even aside from the political advantages accruing to the claim that a product is «made in USA», given such factors as nearness to markets, etc, it makes economic sense for corporate leaders to locate at least some new facilities to the US. But if workers i these plants believe that their wages will suffice to purchase a home and send their offspring to college, they are likely to be very disappointed….


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        Readers interested in this particular example of outsourcing outsourcing may find this WaPo article worth perusing (no Chinese glyphs included)….


      • Here the link to the Wikiquote entry for Mr Lemay that I inadvertently omitted in my reply to Ted above….


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