No Fish Would Be As Psychotic as We Humans

A fish that polluted its environment—water—would be psychotic. Yet that’s exactly what humans are doing to our environment. And we act like it’s perfectly normal.

3 thoughts on “No Fish Would Be As Psychotic as We Humans

  1. To political leaders the voices of democracy are lost in the roar of capital markets, and are like and as little in effect, as homeopathy.

    Talk to your representatives about the environment, but don’t expect to be heard above the din of money screaming.

    Oil, plastic, mercury and carbon dioxide from coal, and nuclear waste costs so much to remediate that the stock market need only threaten a collapse to deafen politicians to the little fishes if they were to somehow get close to exerting political control over the toxic spew of the capitalist pigs.

    The voice of the people speaks so much less loud than the voice of the money of the wealthy; their money does not talk, it screams.

  2. As a sometime aquariist, I can assure you that fish do, indeed, pollute their water. They also die when it gets bad enough.

    The difference is they’re not smart enough to clean the aquarium themselves. (The jury is still out on whether we are.)

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