Muslims Need Not Apply

Whatever happened to the old United States, the country that welcomed immigrants? After weeks of controversy over a policy of separating children at the US-Mexico border from their parents, and then losing them in the foster care system, the Trump Administration won a Supreme Court victory when the high court ruled along 5-4 partisan lines to approve the president’s ban on travel to the US by people from some Muslim nations.

22 thoughts on “Muslims Need Not Apply

  1. A June, 2017 Gallup poll found that 14% (710 million) of the earth’s people would migrate if they could, with 21% (150 million) wanting to come to the United States. (Source: Gallup News)

    Build that wall very high, Mr. President. And maybe put landmines along it.

      • Well, what do you want to do, put carpeting along it? You have to have something so that people don’t breach the wall. Look what that climber did out on the Statue of Liberty yesterday.

        Actually, one company, CMJ Systems out in Arizona, has proposed reinforcing the wall with carpeting that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

        “Carpeting is strong and the weight is half what steel-reinforced concrete would be,” said their president, Mark Winkelman.

        I’d gladly contribute an old rug. I like that a piece of me could be down there defending my country.

  2. 1. Ted, America NEVER welcomed immigrants. America ALWAYS welcomed LABOR that could be EXPLOITED. Even now, the IT personnel being shipped in from places with horrible working conditions are brought here SPECIFICALLY because they can be paid a fraction of what an American would want (or require) to produce the code and server maintenance needed so that we can all buy shit from Amazon.

    2. Continuing a thread I had with AT from another item. I asked AT if he would assist one student who genuinely wanted to learn, who paid attention, who made an effort, in a class of 25. AT’s response was that 1 in 25 is a terrible return, and that’s why the whole system needs reform. Yes, 1 in 25 is a terrible return. 0 in 25 is an even worse return. So, again, I ask the specific question of AT: “If one student wanted to learn, and made an effort, and asked you for help, would you teach that student?”

    • And before I forget: Teaching one student in 25 means that you’d be getting paid full salary, with benefits and pension and so forth, to tutor exactly one person. I really would like to know how THAT couldn’t be more fulfilling than just coming to work every day and marking time. I’m not going for some sort of moral victory here, I’m just trying to understand the mindset you seem to be espousing. If I’ve got it wrong, I’d love to understand why. …

    • “SPECIFICALLY because they can be paid a fraction of what an American would want”

      Also because they have fewer silly-assed ideas about their so-called “rights” and are afraid of pissing off their bosses for fear of losing that job & being shipped back home.

      • Bingo. Offshore IT is cheaper on a per hour basis, but it is more expensive on project basis since it takes more hours to do things correctly. However they are so easy to abuse, and that’s appealing to many of the hacks that are IT managers.

        Procrastinate on a 7 hour project? Give it to the foreigner that has already put in a 11 hour day. You want to complete one or two IT project before the end of the year to boost your numbers? Pull a person off a two person IT crisis team. The remaining person on the team (a foreigner) can work 20 hours per day for a week.

      • @ Rakle2


        Which doesn’t do so well for the final product, but who cares? We’re making money, here.

        So too, ageism in the field. When I first started out, us young guys respected the older guys who knew a helluva lot more than we did. Now neither the young guys nor the management respect experience. Young’uns think they know it all, managers want people willing to work 16 hour days without asking questions. (Or worse, trying to steer the boat)

  3. WTF is happening?! There was a day when even conservative justices read the constitution. Now they’re specifically targeting Roe v. Wade for the next justice. Single-issue politics invades the highest court in the land? That person will be on the bench for at least twenty years, they’ll have to decide OTHER issues – based on what? Their own personal superstitions?

    Who watches the watchers? Who spanks these bastards when they fup a duck? The constitution gives us no redress, but y’d think that impeachment or recall would be valid actions.

    • SCOTUS justices ARE subject to impeachment.
      Recall is for elected officials but not at the federal level.

      What little I have seen says that the precedent for valid reasons for impeachment of SCOTUS justice EXCLUDES prior legal opinions.

      • One would hoipe that it would include opinions rendered during their current assignment.

        Gore v. Bush v. Gore
        Citizens Untied
        The revised POA
        Pro-Homphobic bakers
        Anti-religious freedom

        It’s going to take a long time to undo the damage done by these wack jobs. (always assuming we don’t merrily continue our descent into outright fascism…)

      • “If racism rises, liberalism will have been the cause.
        American Teacher on July 6, 2018 at 11:40 AM said:

        Fascism, not racism”

        Assuming you meant:

        “If fascism rises, liberalism will have been the cause.”

        Then agreed.

        Democrats pose as an opposition party that would step on the necks of sprouting fascism, but their function in realty is to enable the conservative move to fascism by diverting public attention away to other less contentious issues.

        Fascistic turds will always arise from conservatives, but only a liberal will see the blossoming turds floating up and say “Look at the cute little duckies popping up their heads.”

      • > If racism/fascism rises, liberalism will have been the cause.

        Of course! Fighting racism causes fascism and fighting fascism causes racism. It’s all so clear now. Why didn’t I see that before?

        Pacifists cause war, condoms cause AIDs, environmental activists cause oil spills, and gay pride parades cause hurricanes.

        MAGA! (Make America Goofy Again)

  4. Seriously, I feel so terrible for all these people who are denied basic human rights at U.S. borders. The only solution is for them to remain in their own countries where they are already assimilated.

    • > where they are …

      … raped, murdered, forced into labor on cocaine plantations. But hey, that’s not your problem, just close your eyes, pretend it isn’t happening and lie about how terrible you feel.

  5. Step it Up, Mr. President! Expand the ban. Afghanistan. Pakistan. Iraq. El Salvador. Honduras. Guatamela.

    Rescind the Hart-Cellar Act. Rescind it now!

    • You are such a frightened, cowardly, and I say “man” only with reservations.

      The internet was made for “culture warriors” like you.

      A student throws a sandwich at you and you make such an embarrassing public cry for sympathy about a child’s assault on your authority. Shameful.

      Maybe the student saw your big fat ass and wanted to share his sandwich with someone like you who obviously seeks his primary emotional comfort from eating after the exhaustion of swinging his shit-covered cock at objects of his hate? You know, like feeding an animal at the zoo.

      So you haul your paranoid bulk into your lair and spew hate, just like your idol, Adolf Hitler.

      This verbal tirade is all in good fun at your expense, so try not to take being the butt of my taunting too seriously.

      Have a nice day.

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