If You Want To Defeat Trump, You Have To Out-Troll Him

If I were in charge of the Democrats’ messaging operation, I would run zillions of ads making fun of Trump for asking Congress for $18 billion to pay for his border wall after repeatedly and loudly promising that Mexico would pay for it. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t have the zest for trolling that you need to thrive in today’s political environment.

3 thoughts on “If You Want To Defeat Trump, You Have To Out-Troll Him

  1. Trump can still carry most of the flyover states, and the compromise that gave the sparsely populated extraction states the ability to block laws making them mercantile colonies of the densely populated industrial states still stands, and the flyover states won’t allow any changes to the Electoral College, even though a majority of voters want to get rid of it.

    The Republicans are using James Corvus and Gerry Mander to make it very hard for Democrats to take the House, they need about 60% of the voters to really, really like them, and they only have a small majority. The Senate has almost all Democrats up for re-election, and very few Republicans, so, again, odds favour the Republicans.

    That and the fact that, when columnists say the Democrats can’t win by calling everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary ‘deplorable’, the comments are all, ‘But they are all deplorable. Not just those who voted for Trump, those who didn’t vote and those who voted for third-party candidates are all utterly deplorable, and we’re just telling the truth.’

    (And, on gocomics, there are a couple of commentators who say about every one of Mr Rall’s cartoons about how terrible Trump is, ‘But you supported Trump, and now you’re sorry. ‘)

  2. Democrats choose to not pick low hanging fruit because that would be doing something.

    Democrats challenging Trump could only happen if the Democratic Party were an opposition party to the Republican Party, a party that actually wanted to do something instead of do nothing.

    The Democrats would have to focus on the real issues and the real consequences of Republican voter disenfranchisement as a prime cause of their losing elections, instead just chanting “Putin! Putin!”.

    Republicans disenfranchise voters but their votes count (Republicans let Trump be their candidate because of primary election results, despite the party insiders not wanting him); Democrats let minority voters vote but discount election results (See Democratic Party lawsuit defense of their party insider’s rigged 2016 primary).

    The Democrats will win in 2018 by doing nothing, specifically nothing that could alienate the big money guys who fund both of the parties and devastate working people.

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