How a BillShit Becomes Law

A “billshit” is a bullshit bill: legislation that its backer knows full well can never survive a constitutional challenge. Donald Trump is floating a billshit in the form of an executive order that would effectively overturn the 14th Amendment, which provides for birthright citizenship. The courts will overturn it. Trump knows. But he also knows it will take the courts a long time to act.

7 thoughts on “How a BillShit Becomes Law

  1. We are all passionate admirers of the so-called «Rule of Law», not least when it comes to laws of the type die Nürnberger Gesetze of 15 September 1935 or to take a more recent example, the Israeli Nation-State Bill of 19 July 2018….

    My father used to say that «papper never refused ink» ; the equivalent seems to be as true in today’s digital era as it was in more analogue times….


  2. If only the Constitution had the authority of law (meaning that its violators could be found guilty of violations and serve time in prison as felons).

    Elected officials need to have some skin in the game, a personal share in the harm they cause to others in their violations of a hypothetical constitutional law.

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