The Democrat Who Cried Trump!

Hillary Clinton’s main campaign argument is that Donald Trump is dangerous, and that she’s not Trump. Election after election, Democrats have been urged to choose the lesser of two evils rather than a candidate whom they can vote for enthusiastically. Will this tired old sales pitch work again?

9 thoughts on “The Democrat Who Cried Trump!

  1. … or let’s just go with the duopoly insurance program, where the owners of America’s digital vote-counting infrastructure guarantee that only a duopolist “candidate” ever wins? Does anybody really think that things would be fundamentally different if the quitter Al Gore, or the Bonesman Kerry had been tapped?

    Anyway, how’s that drone war-crook BarryHO working out for you? Ultimately, America WILL get TPP’d all around the globe, you know.


  2. One thing worth remembering with Hillary is just how truly horrible she is. Her first date with Bill, they crossed a picket line and were scabs, actually doing the work of the strikers. And she told this story as if it was sweet.

  3. Back in the ’90s, about 45% of the voters were rabid Clintonbots. Demographics have changed, and that’s now about 55% (possibly more). There is NOTHING a Clinton can do that would not be completely excused and hagiofied by the Clintonbots. Anyone who has read Hersh (as opposed to the Republicans, whose attacks on Secretary Clinton are redolent of Marcia Clark’s prosecution of OJ) knows that Obama and Secretary Clinton sent the ambassador to his death in Benghazi, sent him to pay al-Qaeda to send weapons to the jihadists in Syria and overthrow the evil dictator (an evil dictator supported by more than 60% of the Syrians who are from Syria, but we must not listen to them, the only decent Syrians are the Salafis in Saudi Arabia and Turkey), and then (for reasons that, at this point, what difference do they make) the jihadists decided to kill the ambassador, and (unlike the Republican accusations) there was no ‘division 5 minutes away that was ordered not to rescue the ambassador by Obama and Secretary Clinton’. But the ambassador would have been safe in the Embassy in Tripoli had he not been ordered to arrange for the arms shipment (title of article, ‘The Red Line and the Rat Line’).

    Plus, if one Googles Guccifer 2.0, one finds e-mails that Secretary Clinton received LOTS of money from people who profited from the killing of Saddam and Qadhafi.

    But the Clintonbot reporters say that Iraq and Libya are MUCH better off thanks to Secretary Clinton, so she did well by doing good. I can’t find any Iraqis or Libyans who agree, but what do Iraqis and Libyans know about Iraq and Libya, compared to brilliant experts like Friedman and Cohen?

    Trump is horrible. But I do NOT think Secretary Clinton is ‘Trump lite’. She has proven that she really will do the outrageous things Trump said he’d do so he’d get nominated and guarantee the election of Billary.

  4. One of us is confused. Is Hillary the playing the Little Dutch Boy? (cap, haircut, and water beneath what could be a dike)

    Or is Hillary the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

    The Little Dutch Boy gave his life to save his people. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, especially if Warren is Veep.

    • Definitely the boy who cried «Wolf !» – the little Dutch boy had his finger in the dike (nota bene : not «dyke», as some of our less couth interlocutors are sure to interpret it), and wasn’t going anywhere….


  5. Hillary gets back the money Obama bought Wall Street favor with.

    Follow the Money:

    Taxpayer money to IRS; IRS money via Obama to Wall Street bailout; Wall Street bailout money to Wall Street criminals; Wall Street criminal money to Hillary’s campaign.

    The cycle is complete and ready for another recycling.

    All that’s needed is a dash of Ameresia to complete the recipe.

  6. How many Trump-types has Hillary taken money from in her secret Wall Street speech sales pitches? Money from the very people who crashed out the world economy in 2007 and 2008, who wouldn’t have a penny to donate if it weren’t for the the Democrat Obama’s bailout and the bonuses they took from from taxpayers bailout money, money Obama let them take as an award for their crimes?

    The choice is to vote for Hillary, the Democratic front for the Trump-types, or the principals themselves.

    I know it is heresy to doubt the benevolence of the US government toward its people, but I smell a top secret conspiracy to defraud the American people sponsored by the corporate duopoly.

      • Whether to be called overt or covert, there is a strong a relation to whether the voters will choose their eyes to be open or closed in making that determination.

        So many intentions contrary to the interests of the people are hidden in plain sight as “unknown knowns”.

        The abused often choose to forget the crimes of their abusers, hoping the abuses were something out of character, and never to be repeated.

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