The G-8 expelled Russia over the invasion of Crimea, reducing it to the G-7. This sets a precedent: any country that pisses off the United States will get thrown out. How many will that leave?

6 thoughts on “G-1

  1. Well, the Chinese have officially rejected the notion of a G-2, so I guess a G-1 it’ll have to be (the UK and sycophants like Cameron and Hague will, of course, always be around, but by that time they will have been absorbed into the evil empire) ! But Mr Obama is said to be an introverted type anyway….


  2. Love the way the little finials on the flagpoles make horns on his head. Was that intentional or am I just projecting. I suppose in cartooning, just like international diplomacy, nothing is UNintentional, amirite?

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