Democrats Are Still in Denial About the Real Possibility That Donald Trump Could Win Again in 2020

Democrats don’t seem to have learned many lessons from the 2016 presidential election. The split between the liberal corporate Hillary Clinton wing that controls the party and the majority progressive party base represented by Bernie Sanders in 2016 continues to dominate the party and has created a bit of a civil war. Even mainstream Democratic voters don’t seem to want to accept the fact that there is a major possibility that Donald Trump will win reelection in 2020.

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  1. If those Democrats who are not in the game simply for the spoils can be induced to do something other than looking under their beds for those dastardly Russians, perhaps they might find the time to investigate the forces who really make a difference in US elections. My suspicion however, is that they will continue to allow themselves to be distracted, which, after all, is more convenient and much safer….


  2. As usual, I find myself in agreement with much (but not all) of what Ted writes. (Remember, if you always agree, all the time, you aren’t thinking anymore.)

    “The split between the liberal corporate Hillary Clinton wing that controls the party and the majority progressive party base represented by Bernie Sanders in 2016 continues to dominate the party and has created a bit of a civil war.”

    Almost. First, liberal is one of those soft, mushy words that no one really ever defines. I don’t think it can be defined anymore. It’s basically a lot of vague feelgoodisms and intimations about being really concerned about things and stuff and junk but it all really boils down to wanting to think you’re doing something that matters when, in reality, you’re doing something that either has a minimal effect or actually causes more damage than simply leaving things alone. Recycling comes to mind. Putting bottles in the blue bins isn’t doing anything. All the ancillary aspects of manufacturing/recycling/re-recycling energy costs and transport costs for each product are never evaluated. You could do more for the environment by not buying Whole Foods “organic” apples flown in from New Zealand.

    Second, the “corporate Hillary Clinton wing” is not as precise as I’d like. It isn’t REALLY corporate. It’s more like one of those nutritional-product pyramid schemes. It’s quasi-corporate. The product being pushed is the feelgoodism of the Clintons (in two amazing flavors: Feels Your Pain Bill and I’m a Woman Hillary). Bill’s great at pretending to give a crap about how NAFTA wiped out your job and how corporate-friendly policies (on his watch) have made it impossible to actually have even a chance in hell of achieving the American Dream. Hillary loves to explain how she’s a woman, but tough and smart, like a man, not that women aren’t tough and smart, hey, did she mention yet how she single-handedly killed Osama bin Laden? Watch her quote facts and figures while the media avoids any discussion of her cookstove debacle in India. The one that gave those multinationals a foothold for later exploitation of the impoverished. Google it, unless you’re a liberal. In which case you’ll want to head over to Starbucks with your laptop and iPhone so you can “work on your manuscript” in front of everyone.

    Third, the civil war? That war’s already over. Hillary’s peeps forced conditions on the Bernie Bros that were simply unacceptable. And those progressives have left. They won’t be back because they’ve finally broken the whole “lesser of two evils” cycle. Even worse, for the Democratic Party’s Hillary people, the phenomenon is spreading. No one wants to be the first (or only) person to break from orthodoxy. But once someone does, a lot of other people join in the laughing and pointing at the emperor walking naked down the street. The HRC people probably want to join Bernie because they smell that that’s where the power will emerge. But the Bernie people won’t let them in. Oh, they can stuff envelopes and canvass door-to-door, but the premise that Donna Brazile or the rest of the Clinton Crew will be given upper-tier high-pay positions in the Progressive Party? Nope. There will be no denazification this time. The people who backed Bill and Hill and their centrism will be marked bad in all the books.

    I suspect 2020 will be a rout. For Trump. The market’s doing well. “Unemployment” is low. All these scandals around Trump? Surprise! They’ve made politics interesting to his base. Why? It isn’t dull shit about trade deficits and economic summits. It’s “Did Donald Trump have a golden shower with some nasty Russian whores?” The media is incapable of not giving his twitter feed constant coverage, so Trump is able to manipulate the media whenever he wants to. All the talking heads are Clinton-era fanboys and fangirls, so they can’t say anything of use or value because much of it would have to blame the Clinton era policies.

    If Sanders doesn’t run in 2020, I don’t see how — at least right now — we won’t get another four years of Trump.

  3. “The Democrats could ditch their corporate donors.”

    Yes, they *could* – just as We Duh Pipple *could* turn things around. I honestly believe it’s not too late, but I just as strongly believe that it ain’t gonna happen.

    So, yes, hopeless. But at least Trump is more entertaining than the previous few preznits.

    • The really amazing thing is that despite this storage facility having been operated by a Wingas subsidiary Astora GmbH & Co (Wingas itself is a wholly owned subsidiary to Gazprom), i e, by those dastardly Russians, for some 3½ years now, Europe continues to exist ! The age of miracles is not passed….


      • To CrazyH:

        Re: “electoons”

        1) If I hadn’t corrected it, below, I might be tempted to claim it was intentional.

        2) As the nuns used to say: it would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

    • (One more time)
      To EvilWizardGlick:
      Would you care to elaborate why Gazprom storage facilities in western Europe should be of concern to Americans, in general, and for the 2020 presidential elections?

  4. Trump wins period. There hasn’t been a single term president since Bush the first.
    Keep in mind that a 2020 win means Trump owes NOTHING TO NO ONE.
    Also you will ONLY see single payer health care under a Republican.
    Which may be 2020 Trump.
    Finally Bernie was a Democrat in Socialist clothing. Yes he spewed what young people wanted to hear but his voting record is quite a different matter.
    There has not been a decent vote worthy candidate since Nader.

    • «Keep in mind that a 2020 win means Trump owes NOTHING TO NO ONE.» How can you say such a thing, EvilWizardGlick ?!! Keep in mind that Mr Trump would never have won the US presidential elections of 2016, were it not for the fact – so we are assured – that those dastardly Russians «hacked» them (i e, persons presumably Russian created Facebook accounts – don’t blame me, I’d not touch Facebook with a 3 m pole) ; surely without such help Mr Trump will not be able to win again in 2020 ? But in that case, Mr Trump will be beholden to those Russian Facebook account holders and will be forced, willy-nilly, to make concessions to and improve relations with the Russians, as he has done hitherto under the first 15 months of his administration. Obviously he will owe SOMETHING TO SOMEONE….


      • «Better than Hillary’s ever expanding list of who to blame for the Trump victory.» It’s always the fault of the other guy/человек ; Ms Clinton didn’t lose the US presidential election of 2016 – the Russians stole it from her. That the US has a large trade deficit with the rest of the world has nothing to do with the way the US economy is run ; it’s the fault of those dastardly Chinese (Germany enjoyed a positive trade balance in 2017, despite the Chinese, but that, of course, is another kettle of fish)….

        Whinging, followed by drones – US policy in a nutshell….


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