Basic Economy

Some airlines are emulating low-cost carriers like Ryan Air to introduce new “sub coach” categories of passengers who receive even fewer privileges and worse treatment than the already abysmal coach. Which would be OK if the price were significantly lower…but that’s not always the case.

4 thoughts on “Basic Economy

  1. I have flown a few times in cargo “class” with fewer seats than seats-of-pants, no cots, and a piss can in a corner for accommodations, on a 20 hour flight.

    This mode of travel could find its way onto a wish list for future civil airline deregulation, given the militarization of US society, along with the “creative” efforts to get greater profits for the 1%.

    Yes, steerage might be profitable, and thus possible.

  2. Yeah – I’m well over six foot. On many planes, my knees are touching the seatback in front of me, even if that passenger doesn’t lean back.

    It used to be that I could get to the airport an hour or two early & score an exit aisle seat. That doesn’t work any more as those seats are gobbled up by the ‘frequent fliers.”

    But my discomfort is a small price to pay – the important thing is that an airline CEO can pull down $17.4 million a year and fly on a company-owned Learjet with plenty of legroom.

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