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Studied the Constitution. Didn’t Like It.

While Americans were distracted over Christmas, Congress and Obama quietly passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which beefs up the President’s right to put anyone, including US citizens, on a Kill List or hold them indefinitely without trial or representation by a lawyer. There’s even a new unit to funnel NSA spy data to the Pentagon so it can target US citizens.

Same Old, Feels Great

Obama is amazing. First he gets credit for closing Gitmo—even though he leaves it open for a year and is moving the inmates to Bagram. Then he refuses to prosecute torturers. Now he’s retaining Bush’s kangaroo court system at Gitmo. When are “liberals” going to realize that our first black president is just another fascist?

The System Works

The U.S., a.k.a. “Oops!” nation, does it again: After years of madness and torture and violating habeas corpus, the U.S. Supreme Court begins to restore the rule of law by invalidating parts of the Military Commissions Act. But what about those for whom the Court ruled too late?