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A New Plan for Mike Bloomberg: Stay inside

After Mike Bloomberg delivered a historically disastrous performance at his first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, you have to wonder how it was possible for him to get 19% in the polls purely on the strength of TV ads. From now on, if he wants to survive, he has to stay indoors.

So You Want to be a Political Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

More and more, the media seems especially enraptured with political candidates whose policy positions are vague to the point of being nonexistent. It helps if you are somewhat good-looking, young, and have a certain charisma if you want to appeal to today’s journalists. But no one cares about what you want to do to actually help people.

Why Physics and Politics Don’t Mix

Scientists claim to have finally isolated the long-hypothesized Higgs Boson, a particular responsible for endowing other elementary particles with mass. Which gives us an opportunity to, as many editorial cartoonists do, blend two completely unrelated news stories into an awkward cartoon about contemporary politics.