Russia Ate Hillary’s Homework

Hillary Clinton spoke out about her loss in the election, claiming that she would have been elected president if not for FBI director James Comey’s letter saying he was reopening an investigation into her emails, and Russia’s supposed meddling in the election via releasing DNC emails through WikiLeaks. She didn’t let the fact that there still isn’t any evidence that Russia had anything to do with it, or her own mistakes in the campaign, interfere with her bizarre claims.

13 thoughts on “Russia Ate Hillary’s Homework

  1. James Comey’s inappropriate rant against Hillary Clinton’s illegal, but non-prosecutable (?), use of an insecure private server for to-be, but not-as-of-yet classified information, is understandable, particularly if the normal channel for opining on legality—through his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch—who was indisposed to do so because of her conversation by “happenstance”, “about grandchildren” on a parked aircraft with Bill Clinton, prior to his announcement.

  2. I paraphrase:

    “It is characteristic of” Americans “that an idea, pursued long and earnestly enough, becomes more real than reality.”

    So it is with the idea that an insecure computer of a presidential candidate—an act which has been demonstrated to be criminal enough to send good men to prison— is solely the fault of those who would trespass through an open door, without any blame accruing to the victim who left the door open, despite the illegal nature of this intentional omission.

  3. So Trump fired Comey for mishandling the email server investigation for which he had praised him earlier. Oh, and something about being told he wasn’t under investigation.

    Nothing to see here, move along …

    One more stupid maneuver by a man who claims he’s a master negotiator. Regardless of the truth of Moskovian Kandidate-gate, he forgot the golden rule: avoid the appearance of wrongdoing. He gave his detractors more ammunition and the undecided something to think about. Moreover, Comey was well-liked within the bureau. You know how cops go after cop-killers? Yeah, something like that.

    I’m revising my earlier estimate – I said he wouldn’t last out his term. I don’t think he’s going to make it a year.

    • I remember Nixon’s regret that he wouldn’t be president for the bicentennial. I wouldn’t take the bet on Trump making it to July 4.

      • I remember Nixon appealing to the producer of the Broadway musical “1767”, asking if a memorable line in a song in the play with lyrics “to the right…” as performed by the Founding Rascals, could be softened, with the election coming up.

        “Come ye cool cool considerate set
        We’ll dance together to the same minuet
        To the right, ever to the right
        Never to the left, forever to the right
        May our creed be never to exceed
        Regulated speed, no matter what the need”

        Nixon’s enduring domestic legislation, which created the

        Environmental Protection Agency,

        the Clean Air and Water Acts,

        the earned income tax credit,

        Equal Employment Opportunity Act,

        Endangered Species Act

        Occupation Safety and Health Administration

        Too bad there are no lefties among the Democratic Party and plebeians around today to extract such a list of goods from a bumbling president before kicking his empty shell aside.

      • 1767? We’ll assume a typo there – I played a minor part in a production of that particular musical.

        Franklin’s got a great speech, to the effect that “We’re men, not gods”

        Unfortunately, grade school teaches that they bloody well were gods. Many people become disillusioned when they find out otherwise.

      • @CH

        Some adults become disillusioned when they find out their children don’t believe in Santa Claus.

        My mother broke down in tears when I pressed her too hard about a suspect signature by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

        I was born a skeptic.

      • I remember Nixon’s regret that he wouldn’t be president for the bicentennial. I wouldn’t take the bet on Trump making it to July 4. Alex, I’ll take that bet – or if someone else wants to bet, I’ll hold the wagers for a tidy fee…. 😉


  4. I read the gocomics comments. Every Clintonbot knows St Hillary had 150% of the vote until Comey lied about her possibly having done something wrong with her e-mails, Trump tweeted Putin the password to the voting machines, and Rall railed against St Hillary.

    The Russian propaganda channel (on which Mr Rall occasionally appears) lies by omission. They never say anything good about the Western countries that are determined to force regime change in Russia, or anything bad about Russia. They only tell of well-documented atrocities by those Western countries, and occasionally of Soviet successes.

  5. But you see, Ted, those Russians, due to disastrous agricultural policies, are starving, and investigate every paper bag they come across, just to see if there’s not a left-over lunch left inside that they can eat. The manner in which Ms Clinton – and her campaign – used insecure servers was just too tempting for those ravenous millions to pass up, so there you are : she lost the election which, it was said, was hers to win. As some wag would have it, there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip – and it’s all the fault of those damned Russians !… 😉


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