Is Ted Cruz an Alien?

A woman’s video went viral after she taped herself trolling Ted Cruz for the fact that he advocates dismantling the preexisting conditions provision in Obamacare.

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  • Alien ? One wishes that Rafael Edward really were an alien, so that the finger could be pointed otherwise than at Canada. But of course, we know that it’s all the fault of those dastardly Russians….


  • There is good reason to doubt Cruz’s citizenship.

    Okay, his birth certificate shows that his mother was born in the USA. (Was it Delaware?)

    My wife was born in Germany. She became a naturalized citizen of the USA when she was sixteen years old. Place of birth does not prove citizenship.

    It is altogether plausible (and quite possible) that Ted’s mother was a naturalized citizen of Canada at the time he was born. In that case, he could not claim that he was a “natural-born citizen” of the USA at birth.

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