In Which the Democratic Party Sucks Up to the FBI of all People

Democrats are defending the FBI against Trump’s attacks because they’re attacking Trump. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But they’re also reflecting just how far to the right the fifty-yard line of American politics has shifted over the years. Given their roots being run by the evil J. Edgar Hoover, who could have imagined Democrats running interference for the FBI?

6 thoughts on “In Which the Democratic Party Sucks Up to the FBI of all People

  1. Good to see what in the US passes for the «left» playing, together with teammates from the FBI, the NSA, etc, etc, down through the alphabet soup, the game that seems to have superseded all others in the that country, i e, blaming others for the its own problems. In a recent address to the student body at the US National War College, Charles W Freeman described it thusly :

    «The American reaction to our progressive displacement as number one by China has closely followed the offensive realist script. As a nation, we are in a whiny, belligerent frame of mind. We blame Russia for the way we vote. We blame everybody but ourselves for the mess in the Middle East and for our trade and balance of payments deficits and the deindustrialization of our job market.

    We are dismissive of expertise, especially that of economists, the majority of whom tell us that our problems derive from our pathetically inadequate national savings rate, our disinvestment in our human and physical infrastructure, shortcomings in the way we retrain and find employment for workers displaced by automation, a relationship between labor and management that reacts to competition by outsourcing, rising income inequality, irrational immigration policies, the misdirection of investment by a tax code designed to protect vested interests, and gridlocked government. It’s far easier to blame foreigners in China, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Korea, or Japan for our underachievement than to reexamine and change our own policies and practices.»


  2. > Democrats are defending the FBI against Trump’s attacks because they’re attacking Trump.

    We’ve moved so far to the right that the far-left is defending a far-right fascist plutocrat! How weird is that?

    • As Mr Rall wrote in his book, Trump is terrible, but he’s being attacked in all the wrong ways. (It feels like Marcia Clark is leading the prosecution.)

      Everyone knows the FBI is the finest law enforcement agency in the world, if not the universe, and has been ever since J. Edgar got the dirt on everyone so they all had to agree that the FBI is the finest law enforcement agency (and also vote for all J. Edgar’s funding requests).

      • > he’s being attacked in all the wrong ways

        Speaking as a student of the martial arts – I define ‘attacked in the wrong ways’ as ‘attacked in ways that that do not result in victory.’

        Various parties have attacked Komrade Trumpinov’s shady financial dealings. Those attacks have been going on for decades and have not resulted in victory.

        He is obviously a sexual predator, and has been for decades. Yet, in spite of the #MeToo movement, the emperor’s new clothes do not include an ankle bracelet. Attacking this flank has not resulted in victory, either.

        DastardlyRussiansGate has not yet resulted in victory, but neither has it been defeated. However, it has made more progress than any other attack to date.

        I assert that the best strategy is to press the attack that works best.

        However, that does not preclude pressing other attacks simultaneously. The best fighters launch combos, feints, and flurries just as fast as they can. Not because they expect to land every blow, but because they only need to land one.

  3. I’m not sure the mantra is «If you win : become a big pacifist !», Ted ; from what I’ve seen, it’s more like «If you win – or can get your compliant media to claim you’ve won – then go on a invade country no 2 !» Any wonder the DPRK wants nuclear weapons (SAC estimated that they had killed some 20 % of that country’s population during the US war on Korea) ?…


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